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Angie Settle

Dr. Angie Settle, CEO of WV Health Right, class of ’93.


This is a story of how the University of Charleston was part of the foundation for a successful career.  As we follow the timeline of her education and career, we see a very goal-oriented, determined woman.

Angie graduated high school and got married at the young age of seventeen in 1989.  She and her husband now have six children and are in the process to adopt two more.

A native of, Sissonville, WV, Angie always knew she wanted to be a nurse; pictures of a four-year-old Angie dressed as a nurse prove it.  When UC offered her a scholarship for the BSN program, she was able to take classes close to home on a beautiful campus with all the advantages of a small university.

“I was proud to be accepted into the UC BSN program; it was very competitive,” remembers Settle.  During her time at UC, she was inducted into the Psychology Honor Society, Nursing Honor Society, and graduated with an Excellence in Nursing Award.

Her career started in critical care; but, after a short time, she realized that outpatient care would suit her best.  She continued her education at Marshall University earning her Master’s in Nursing. In the spring of 1997, she graduated and started working for WV Health Right as a family nurse practitioner.   Other than a three-year time frame, she has been with WV Health Right her entire career.  In 2006 she became Clinical Coordinator and in 2014 moved into the CEO position.

Dr. Settle shared, “When my predecessor announced her retirement, it was important to me to keep the mission of WV Health Right what it had always been.” She was inspired to go for her Doctor of Nursing and apply for the CEO position. The University of Alabama offered her a scholarship if she could commit to a full-time course load.  She continued working full time, was raising five children under the age of seven, and still went for the full course load.  Can we say “busy”?  She graduated with her Doctorate in Nursing in 2014.

Currently, she has been accepted to Harvard University and is working to complete a Non-Profit Leadership Program.  She hopes to finish the program on Harvard’s campus when the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

When asked if she felt UC prepared her for future endeavors, she gave an enthusiastic, “Absolutely!  It was a great starting point and foundation for me to go on to my master’s and doctorate”.  The first memorable things about UC that came to Angie’s mind were all the wonderful professors. Ms. Sandy Bowles, Dr. Adams, Dr. Nunley, and Dr. Byrd to name a few.  “I can remember sitting in class and being in awe of them. They all impressed me with how intelligent and personable they were,” she remembered.  “That is the benefit of a small school. You really get one-on-one time with your professors,” says Dr. Settle, “My professors didn’t just care that I graduated, they cared that I was a good nurse.”

Dr. Settle reflects that “UC gave me a diverse world view and a broad understanding of the healthcare system from the private sector to the gaps in our health care system.”  One of the most valuable lessons that was instilled in her at the University is to not forget the most vulnerable people.

Angie’s care for the most vulnerable people continues through her career and community work today.  She is involved with the Charleston Rotary Club and Lion’s Club, serves on the Rural Health Association Board, and the Charleston Mayor’s COVID-19 task force.  She’s been hard at work during the pandemic particularly with the homeless who have been affected by the virus.

Dr. Settle’s advice to her own niece, who is a current UC student, and all other students is to set goals early and don’t settle for anything less. She would urge young people to remember, “Everyone has self-doubt, you just have to plan for the unexpected.”

The Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations would like to extend a special “Thank you” to Dr. Settle and all our nursing alumni who have been on the frontlines during the pandemic.  We are proud to have you as part of the Golden Eagle family!