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    UC Scholarships

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    Be accepted to the University of Charleston, and you could be eligible for significant scholarships. (Scholarships listed in our Fact Sheet are only for undergraduate students.)

    UC Honors College

    Do you have a 4.0 high school GPA? Join an elite community of University of Charleston students in the UC Honors College. Learn more about our Honors College.

    UC Course Schedules

    Your journey begins in the classroom. UC’s outcomes-based curriculum requires each course and degree program to have clear statements about the skills or knowledge a student must demonstrate (competencies) to meet a specific learning goal (outcome). View our detailed course descriptions.

    Global Connection

    UC students come from all over the US and the world, creating a campus that is diverse, exciting and provides a global perspective to all of our students. In addition to our growing number of international students, we also offer many study abroad opportunities. A world of opportunities awaits you at UC!

    Upcoming Events

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    October 21

    ExRx Experience Pharmacy Open House

    October 24

    Speaker Series “The US Election System. How it Works and Why it Matters"

    November 10

    ExRx Experience Pharmacy Open House

    November 11

    Innovation Days - Scholarship Competition

    January 27

    Innovation Days - Scholarship Competition

    April 21

    ExRx Experience Pharmacy Open House


    University News

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    October 12
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    UC School of Business & Leadership Approved for ACBSP Membership

    September 19
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    University of Charleston Announces Enrollment Increase