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University of Charleston

The UC-LINK program provides a means for you to continue your education while at sea or on deployment when internet service is not available.

The UC-LINK offers courses at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, which are portable, self-paced, convenient, and easy to use.  The classes are designed to mirror the interactive learning activities characteristic of our online and hybrid delivered courses and to reflect the best practices of adult learning methodology.

Course Delivery

UC-LINK courses are available through a custom learning management platform.  On this platform, students can download all of the required course materials before losing internet availability.  Students can work through and later submit the course assignments electronically according to the schedule recommended in the syllabus.


Currently, no UC-LINK courses require a proctor.

Textbooks and Course Materials

Students will be required to download to their personal computer or storage device a course packet, syllabus, and instructional materials from the UC-LINK learning management platform, and purchase any relevant textbooks. During times that internet service is available, a servicemember can upload completed work through this same learning management platform. Textbooks may be purchased through the UC Bookstore or other commercial sources using the ISBN numbers provided on the syllabus.  Textbooks ordered from the UC Bookstore may be charged to the student’s UC account once registered.

Available Courses

All of the major coursework in the Frontline Leadership, A.S., Organizational Leadership B. S., and the Strategic Leadership M.S., degrees are available through UC-LINK. A student may view the courses here, NCPACE Course Descriptions. The UC-LINK program coordinator,, can answer any questions you may have about course content or assignments.

Get Started and Enroll

Planning is vital to your success.  We recommend starting the enrollment process three weeks before the course start date to ensure securing TA Authorization and timely delivery of course materials. You can get started with three quick steps

  1. Get a Degree Pathway which lists courses and learning outcomes for which you will get credit from your military and prior civilian learning.
    1. Send your official  Joint Services Transcript to;
    2. If you have other civilian education or prior learning certificates, you will initially need to send unofficial copies of these documents as well.


  2. Apply and submit the registration
    1. If you are new to the University of Charleston, apply online.
    2. If you previously enrolled within the past 12 months, you don’t need to apply to participate in the UC-LINK courses.
    3. Select the courses you will be taking from your MyNavy and enter them into the UC-LINK registration form (need hyperlink) including the start and end dates for each course. Email your signed registration form to Dr. Shelly Roy ( if a new student or your Advisor if a current student.
    4. After your application and registration are processed, new students will receive an acceptance email and information for activating your MyUC student account and email information.  Instructions for accessing your UC-LINK learning management platform will be provided to your UC email account.
    5. A degree plan, a cost verification letter, and schedule will be provided for requesting tuition assistance.


  3. Secure Tuition Assistance
    1. Complete the prerequisite training on the NCP website before funding approval if you are a first time TA user.
    2. Ensure that you have enough time to order and receive your course materials before going to sea or being deployed.
    3. All Navy TA requests must be submitted at My Education portal 120 to 14 days before the course start date and command approved a minimum of 14 days preceding the course start date.
    4. Students will receive a system-generated email notification once their application is approved and authorized.
    5. Provide the TA authorization to the University of Charleston


  4. Requesting a Transcript
    1. Request an official transcript for the University of Charleston


Dropping A Course

A student who has officially registered assumes full responsibility for completing courses. If a course drop/withdrawal is necessary, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the University of Charleston Course Drop Form.

UC-LINK and Online or Hybrid Course Participation

UC-LINK courses are available to bridge the gap in educational progression created by deployments or internet inaccessibility. Service members are expected to switch between online or hybrid courses to UC-LINK courses to fit their schedule.  Contact your Advisor to enact any changes in enrollment option.