University of Charleston

University of Charleston

  1. Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department and Pharmacist-In-Charge, PharmUC Patient Care Clinic


  2. Director of Student Affairs- School of Pharmacy

  3. Director of Experiential Education and Instructor of Pharmacy Practice

  4. Assistant Professor

    Stephen Cook
  5. Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department

  6. Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences, Professor

  7. Assistant Professor

  8. Director of Pharmacy Enrollment & Admissions

    Stacie Geise
  9. Executive Director of Assessment

    Leah Hall
  10. Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice

  11. Experiential Education Coordinator

  12. Executive Director of Enrollment & Admissions and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

    Michelle Knight
  13. Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

  14. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

    Rebecca Linger
  15. Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

  16. Residency Program Director

  17. Assistant Professor

    Karrie Murphy
  18. Administrative Assistant, Budget and Office Manager, Office of the Dean

  19. Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences

  20. Assistant Professor

  21. Assistant Professor
    Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences