University of Charleston

University of Charleston

  1. Executive Director of Experiential Education
    Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

  2. Assistant Professor/ Principal Faculty

  3. Associate Professor
    Director of Business Analytics Programs

    Taiwo Ajani
  4. Assistant Professor of Biology

    Deborah Amos
  5. Administrative Assistant to the Dean

  6. Assistant Professor of Biology

  7. Senior Graduate Admissions Coordinator

    UC Faculty Staff
  8. Sport Business Program Director
    Assistant Professor

    Jessicca Baker
  9. Admissions Coordinator

    Jeanette Bane
  10. Director of Student Success & First Year Programs
    Faculty Athletic Representative
    Discovery Program Advisor
    UC Young Life College Campus Advisor

    Debbie Bannister
  11. Radiologic Science Program Director

  12. Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

    John Barnette
  13. Senior Analyst/Developer

    UC Faculty Staff
  14. Michael J. Bayly, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychology

    Michael Bayly
  15. Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director of Cybersecurity

    UC Faculty Staff
  16. Family Nurse Practitioner Program Director

    Betty Beimel
  17. Director of Counseling and Outreach Services

  18. Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Jill Blake
  19. Director of Military Services/VA School Certifying Official

    UC Faculty Staff
  20. Assistant Professor

    Jared Bradley
  21. Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

    Tracy Bradley
  22. Gift Processing Specialist

    Rhonda Braley
  23. Director of Student Engagement and Recreation

  24. Athletic Academic Success Director, Assistant Athletic Director for Recruitment & Retention

    UC Faculty Staff