University of Charleston

University of Charleston

  1. Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department and Pharmacist-In-Charge, PharmUC Patient Care Clinic


  2. Assistant Professor/ Principal Faculty

  3. Associate Professor
    Director of Business Analytics Programs

  4. Associate Professor Emeritus

  5. Administrative Assistant and Adjunct Faculty

  6. Assistant Professor of Biology

  7. MSSL & MSCS Admissions Coordinator

  8. Sport Business Program Director

  9. Assistant Professor

  10. Assistant Professor and Director of First Year Programs and Advising

    Debbie Bannister
  11. Radiology Clinical Coordinator

  12. Professor, Associate Dean, Executive Director of Leadership & Professional Development Programs

    John Barnett
  13. Michael J. Bayly, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychology

    Michael Bayly
  14. Family Nurse Practitioner Program Director

    Betty Beimel
  15. Health Promotion Program Director, Assistant Professor

    Nikki Bell
  16. Professor and Dean

    Scott Bellamy
  17. Experiential Education Quality Assurance

  18. Director of Student Affairs- School of Pharmacy
    Head Cheer Coach

  19. Director of Counseling and Outreach Services

  20. Dean Emeritus, Bradford Division of Health Sciences
    Director of Special Projects, School of Pharmacy
    Professor of Nursing

  21. Department Chair of Pharmacy Practice

  22. Director of Military Services

  23. Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

    Tracy Bradley
  24. Director of Student Involvement and Intramural Sports