University of Charleston
  1. Videographer/Photographer/Social Media Coordinator

    Brock Burwell
  2. Associate Professor of Psychology

    Annie Cardell
  3. Associate Medical Director

  4. Associate Medical Director

    Phone: 304-357-4968

  5. Catering & Special Events Department

  6. Professor, Department of Data Analytics and Computer Science

  7. Assistant to the AD for Compliance & Marketing

  8. Assistant Professor of Social Sciences

    Hallie Chillag
  9. Director of University Bands

  10. Associate Professor

    Joan Clark
  11. Assistant Director of Experiential Education

    Jane Condee
  12. Assistant Professor

    Stephen Cook
  13. Academic Advisor, MSSL and MSCS

  14. Assistant Director of Innovation

  15. Assistant Professor of English
    Program Coordinator of English

    Jeannie Dalporto
  16. Associate Professor

    Suvayan De
  17. Assistant Professor

    Bradford Deel
  18. Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

  19. Senior Application Coordinator

  20. Assistant Professor – ADN Charleston

    Nursing Faculty Photo
  21. Admissions Representative

    Derek Dudek
  22. Director, Strategic Leadership Program
    Associate Professor, Strategic and Executive Leadership Programs