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Hallie Chillag
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Multidisciplinary Studies Program Director
Associate Professor of Social Sciences
Honors College Director

  • West Virginia University, undergraduate
  • The Pennsylvania State University and West Virginia University, graduate studies

  1. Jones, Paul R.; Sheppard, Monique A.; Snowden, Cecelia B.; Miller, Ted R.; Nelkin, Valerie S.; Nguyen, Denise D.; Tominack, Ivy; Dunlap, Hallie Chillag, Impact of Poison Prevention Education on the Knowledge and Behaviors of Seniors in the American Journal of Health Education, Volume 41, Number 3, March/June 2010 , pp. 139-146(8)

I love sharing life, projects, and travel with my three children.  I enjoy cooking and entertaining.  I love running and have completed 17 marathons.  One of my greatest joys as an educator is to share new experiences, travel, and general adventuring with my students.