University of Charleston

University of Charleston

Welcome to the University of Charleston Physician Assistant Program.


If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through becoming a highly competent medical practitioner, a world-class education awaits you at UC. Our program is rigorous, but the rewards are well worth it.

I am glad you are considering UC, and I will help you learn more about our program and guide you through the application procedure.

This is a very exciting time in PA Education and for our Physician Assistant Program at the University of Charleston. Please feel free to contact me with any questions during your admissions process.

Admissions Preferences

The UC PA Program values academic strength, performance on standardized tests, healthcare experience/exposure, PA shadowing, social engagement (volunteerism, community service, leadership, extracurricular activities), propensity to work with the underserved, propensity to stay in West Virginia after graduation, and a passion to become a PA.

The UC PA Program also values life experiences, maturity, self-awareness, professionalism, strong references, and a PA reference letter, as well as communication skills, decision-making, problem-solving, organization, moral reasoning, critical thinking, and team skills.

Additionally, University of Charleston students can apply and be accepted into the PA Program during their undergraduate studies (see the Fast Track option for more information).

Applying to the UC Physician Assistant Program

There are two paths for applying to our program: a traditional pathway and our Fast Track pathway. The traditional pathway is for students who will be entering our program following graduation from an undergraduate program. The Fast Track pathway is for currently enrolled, high achieving UC students.

Traditional Pathway

Fast Track Pathway

UC's CASPA GRE Code is: 8830