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Once accepted into our program, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. We offer our warm congratulations, and look forward to having you in our program.

All accepted students must submit the following supplemental information prior to matriculation into the Physician Assistant Program.

For applicants admitted as a PA Fast Track, the schedule for submitting supplemental information may vary due to different chosen matriculation dates. Specific instructions and timelines will be outlined in each individual’s letter of acceptance.

  • Technical Standards form
  • Immunization History form
  • Tuberculosis Screening (included on the immunization form)
  • Health Information Release form
  • Health Insurance documentation
  • Certified Background check
  • Transcripts (for course work completed since application)
  • Compliance with all conditions of acceptance


Technical Standards

All students must meet the minimum technical standards necessary to achieve the knowledge, skills, and competencies required of an entry-level physician assistant. All candidates who are offered a seat in the program will be required to sign a statement attesting to their ability to meet these technical standards

Immunization History

The University of Charleston (UC) Physician Assistant Program has a pre-matriculation immunization policy that is based on the UC immunization policy and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization recommendations for health-care personnel.

All applicants who have accepted a position in the PA program are required to provide documentation that the following immunizations have been obtained and/or serologic testing provides proof of immunity:

  1. COVID-19. All in-seat students must provide documentation of immunization against COVID-19 starting in Fall 2021.
  2. Hepatitis A: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule
  3. Hepatitis B: Must provide quantitative hepatitis B surface antibody (HBsAb) test results to validate immune status. If a student is a non-responder, the student will need to receive a hepatitis B booster vaccine followed by a second titer to validate immune status. If a student is still a non-responder, he or she will be required to complete the remainder of a second hepatitis B vaccination series and submit documentation of having received this second series.
  4. Mumps: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule.
  5. Rubeola: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule.
  6. Rubella: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 1-dose MMR immunization.
  7. Varicella: Records of titer validating current immunity and/or 2-dose vaccine series being administered on schedule. Note: History of previous infection is not sufficient evidence of immunity.
  8. Tetanus/Pertussis: Record of having received a Tdap vaccine every 10 years.
  9. Meningococcal Disease: Record of having received one vaccination of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (Menactra or Menveo); plus record of having received one vaccination of Serogroup B meningococcal vaccine (Bexsero or Trumenba). NOTE: CDC recommends two-dose series for asplenia or complement deficiency.
  10. Influenza: Record of having received viral influenza immunization during the fall semester preceding matriculation. Will be required to obtain influenza immunization annually while enrolled in the program.

Tuberculosis Screening

Documentation of tuberculosis screening in the form of a tuberculosis skin test (TST) performed in accordance with CDC guidelines within one year prior to matriculation is required. Repeat screening during the month prior to onset of the first supervised clinical practice rotation will also be required. TST testing is required regardless of prior BCG immunization. If the TST is positive, evaluation (and treatment if indicated) must be completed in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Health Information Release

Each clinical site to which students are assigned for their supervised clinical practice experiences requires a copy of the student’s immunization history and tuberculosis screening results. In order to facilitate provision of this information, the Physician Assistant Program requires admitted applicants to provide a health information release that authorizes the program to:

  • Maintain a copy of this information in their program student record, and
  • Release copies of this information to the clinical sites to which students are assigned for training


Health Insurance

Students are required to maintain personal health insurance throughout their enrollment in the Physician Assistant Program. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to matriculation. Students will be responsible for any personal health care costs incurred while enrolled in the program which could include but is not limited to: illness, immunizations, PPD testing, health evaluation required after possible exposure to communicable disease, or other accidental injuries sustained during program mandated training activities.

Certified Background Check

Prior to matriculation, all students who are admitted to the program will be required to have a certified background check through Admittance to the PA Program is contingent upon a successful background check. A background check revealing information that would prohibit a student from participating in clinical rotations or prevent licensure will make him/her ineligible for the program.

Drug Screening

Students enrolled in the UCPAP are subject to random drug screenings at any point during the PA program. Failure to perform or successfully pass a drug screen will render the student ineligible for clinical rotations and will thus result in dismissal from the program.

Other Requirements

  • Official transcripts of all course work including any courses that may have been completed since their program application was submitted
  • Evidence of compliance with any other conditions noted in the applicant’s conditional letter of acceptance
UC's CASPA GRE Code is: 8830