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Student Orientation, Advising and Registration

Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) will help get you started on all things UC.

Why do you come to college?

We know it’s more than the degree. It’s the chance to discover your passions, make new friends, experience things that you will remember your whole life. And your journey starts by attending one of our SOAR events!

Whether you choose to attend your SOAR event virtually or in person, you will be able to schedule an individual review session of your classes with an advisor, meet other new students and so much more!

We know it can seem overwhelming, but there is a lot to know about coming to UC. To make it a little easier, we have divided up what you need to know into several different categories:   We have easy-to-follow videos to help make it easier as well. We recommend that you take a look at the videos, documents, and other links before coming to SOAR. And as always, feel free to ask us if you need help or an explanation.

Below you’ll find sections with more information about:
Academic Resources
Athletic Resources for incoming UC Student-Athletes
Campus Safety
Life as a Student

Student posing with International Director staff member

As you are navigating this section, you will find many different resources that complement the videos you can view below. Our hopes are the information and resources given prepare you to begin the next step of your academic career at the University of Charleston.

Academic Resource Videos

Introduction to E-Learn            Introduction to Self-Serve 

Career Services                        Academic Success Center 

First Year Program 


Congratulations on being the newest member of our Golden Eagle Athletics team! Before classes begin for the upcoming semester, there are many items that you will be asked to complete by our Athletic Training department as well as your coaching staff. Please review the documents in this section that complement the videos below.

Athletic Resource Videos

Golden Eagle Retention & Academic Success Program

Athletic Training

As you review the information in this section, we want you and your family to know that UC is a safe place for you to continue your academic journey. UC has previously been named the safest university or college in West Virginia by ADT Security Systems, and we are proud to be able to say that!

Campus Safety Videos

Campus Security Director

Campus Facilities Director 


As you are reviewing this section, you will learn more about the UC financial aid process, how to better understand your UC account and billing statement, how to make a payment or set up a payment plan, and how to designate a parent/guardian/friend as a proxy to see your account. We understand that some of these items can be confusing, and we want to offer you as much information to help answer your questions as possible. You will also have the opportunity to schedule an individual appointment with one of our financial aid counselors before arriving on campus by emailing our financial aid office. They will go over your specific financial aid offer and billing statement.

Billing & Finance Videos

Financial Aid         Billing

Billing (cont.)


As you review this section and the videos, you will learn more about many different aspects of student life at UC including housing, dining services, student organizations, counseling services, intramural sports, and more. We hope that you will be joining us as a residential student in the fall and taking advantage of the robust student environment that we offer. Studies show that students who live on campus and are involved have a better GPA and are more likely to be successful while in college! In this section, you will also find documents/resources on viewing your class schedule, ordering textbooks, and suggested technology requirements from our IT department.

Life as a Student Videos

Student Life 


Questions? Our team is ready.

Questions? Our team is ready.

Virginia Moore, MA

Vice President/Dean of Students

Lindsay Lanham

Student Life and International Coordinator