University of Charleston

UC*IC  2020-21

University of Charleston Innovation Competition


UC must continue to be a leader in higher education innovation.  To do so requires that all of us – faculty, staff, administrators, students, and trustees – embrace and lead change.  First launched in Fall 2018, the University of Charleston Innovation Competition (UC*IC) engages faculty, staff, administrators, students, and trustees in a process of institutional creativity, innovation, and effectiveness.


Call for 2020-21 UC*IC Project Proposals


The UC*IC is specifically designed to help UC accomplish its most important goals.  As outlined in the UC Strategic Plan, these goals include:

  • Recruiting and enrollment
  • Retention and student satisfaction
  • Revenue generation


The UC*IC will be focused on driving creativity and innovation in these areas.

 UC*IC 20-21 Overview Video



Two-Phase Competition

The UC*IC will have two phases.  Each phase involves innovation idea submissions and reviews.  A UC*IC Showcase will be held at the completion of phase two.

Phase One consists of idea generation.  Faculty and staff may submit their ideas for helping UC accomplish its strategic goals.  The president and the cabinet will review all submissions.  A small set of these ideas deemed to have the greatest potential impact, likely two or three, will be selected for further development in phase two.  We anticipate that many other valuable suggestions can be sent directly to unit leads for quick wins, immediate implementation, or further review.  Each submission selected for further development or immediate implementation will receive a $500 award.


**Phase One Submission Instructions**

All UC faculty and staff are welcome to submit Phase One proposals. You are encouraged to review the Phase One video workshop on design thinking, idea formation, and idea presentation to help you develop and frame your proposal.

Phase One Video

Phase One proposal entries should include the following information:

1. What is the problem you are seeking to address? To which strategic plan goal and if applicable priority area does it relate?
2. How big or pervasive is the problem? Quantify the problem as best you can.
3. What stakeholders are affected by the problem? What stakeholders will benefit from a solution?
4. What do you envision as the proposed improvement or solution?
5. What resources do you think will be required to address the problem and develop a solution? Who needs to be involved in the process?

Entries should not exceed two pages in length.

Entries must be emailed by September 18, 2020 to

Questions should be directed to David Ramsburg, Director of Innovation, x4757,



Phase Two entails further development of the highest potential ideas.  Teams of faculty, staff, and students will be selected to work together on project development.  The Innovation Center’s resources will be available to each team.  Professional support in areas such as innovation, design thinking, continuous improvement, and project management will be provided.  Each team will be facilitated and sponsored by a cabinet member and a trustee. Teams will have six months to explore and, if possible, implement their assigned ideas.  Their work will culminate in a final report and/or presentation.  Each member will receive a $1,000 stipend for his or her project work.


As conditions permit, a UC*IC Showcase will provide a live or virtual exhibition and celebration of the work of the Phase Two teams.






August 28, 2020
Phase One Workshop available (design thinking, idea formation & presentation)

September 18, 2020
Phase One submissions due

October 15, 2020
Phase Two projects / teams & immediate implementation ideas announced

October 19 – 23, 2020
Phase Two launch meetings (project scope and expectations)

January 27 – 29, 2021
Phase Two critical reviews

March 1, 2021
UC*IC Showcase

March 15, 2021
Phase Two final project reports due

Two projects were undertaken in 2019-20.  The status of the projects is described below.


Get Fit @ UC

The “Get Fit at UC” program is a comprehensive & holistic healthy lifestyle initiative created and run by the faculty and staff at UC. This team developed several activities and initiatives designed to help the UC community achieve their health targets – with a goal of not just short-term success, but rather long-lasting lifestyle changes.


Continuing Professional Education

The CPE team developed a process to increase the opportunity for Continuing Professional Education. The process included adding the Innovation Center as a facilitator in developing new offerings and acting as a liaison in servicing new opportunities. The CPE team also was able to help formalize the action steps as it related to adding credit vs. non-credit offerings.