University of Charleston

University of Charleston

Students who wish to pursue academic courses for purposes other than a University of Charleston degree can be admitted to the University as special students.

To be accepted as a special student, you must be in good academic standing in all previously attended institutions and are subject to all academic rules and regulations of the University of Charleston.

Special students should have the academic background for college-level work. A maximum of 15 credit hours may be accumulated as a special student unless the Office of Admissions makes an exception based on individual circumstances.

If a special student later applies to be a degree seeking student he or she must complete the application process for general or transfer admission, whichever is applicable.

To obtain permission to enroll as a special student or a non-degree student, applicants should contact the Student Solutions Office at 304-357-4947, or


One of the following statuses may be granted:

  • Audit Admission – Most courses at the University of Charleston can be audited (taken for no college credit). Enrollment requires submission of a Non-Degree Student Application. Enrollment is contingent upon class size and availability. Once a course is audited it may not be taken again for credit.
  • Transient Student Admission – Students applying with permission from their home college to transfer course credit are encouraged to enroll. A Transient Student Form must be completed along with a Non-Degree Student Application. Enrollment is contingent upon class size and availability.
  • High School / University Dual Enrollment – A student may choose to be enrolled in both high school and college simultaneously. After completion of the sophomore year in high school, a student is eligible to apply for special admission to the University to enroll in freshman-level coursework, provided the student is concurrently enrolled in high school.

Students applying for concurrent admission must submit the following documentation for consideration by Admissions staff:

Non-Degree Seeking or Dual Enrollment Form

Official copy of high school transcript showing evidence of a 3.0 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale)

Written recommendation from his or her high school principal or guidance counselor.

The high school student must consult his or her high school guidance counselor to select the course(s) to be taken, which must supplement and not overlap the high school program.

A student may take a maximum of two courses per semester. The Office of Student Solutions must approve participation each semester.

The University of Charleston has three semesters: fall, spring, and summer semesters of eight-week terms each semester, and a variable number of five-week summer semesters annually.

Course work done at the University by a pre-college student may count toward the high school diploma if approved by the student’s high school. The course work will be credited toward a University of Charleston degree for those who subsequently enroll as regular students and may be evaluated for credit toward a degree at other accredited postsecondary institutions.

Enrollment is contingent on class size and availability.

Regular Non-Degree

Individuals who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or more but who want to take a class (or classes) to enhance job skills, seek additional academic certification or prepare for graduate school can apply as regular non-degree seeking students.

This category also includes individuals who have not completed a degree but who want to take courses for personal or professional enrichment.

Enrollment requires submission of a Non-Degree Student Application each semester. Enrollment is contingent upon class size and availability. Students will not be able to register for courses until the week prior to the beginning of classes.