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The major goal of the joint Doctor of Pharmacy with either a Masters of Business Administration (PharmD/MBA) or Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership (PharmD/MSSL) program is to educate student pharmacists to assume responsibilities as managers, administrators, consultants, and executives in health care systems designed to provide health care to their patients. The second degree can be added at no additional cost and within the time it would take to earn a PharmD alone. 


Pharmacy is a multi-faceted profession involving both clinical and managerial skills and responsibilities. The dual degree provides a competitive advantage in terms of technical acumen and managerial prowess for students who wish to lead in healthcare environments.


For admissions and enrollment criteria, contact the UCSOP Office of Enrollment and Admissions ( to learn more. 

The dual degree is designed for students who seek pharmacy healthcare management and leadership positions that require a combination of patient care and administrative skills. Not only can graduates pursue traditional positions in pharmacy practice, they will also be prepared for career paths in management, the pharmaceutical industry, research and education, marketing, biotechnology, entrepreneurial ventures, and more.

To this end, the program is directed toward providing the education students need to develop an understanding of the major functional areas in health care organizations, and to design strategic plans and policies to cope with the changing pharmaceutical and health care environments. By combining a “generalist” management degree with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, students will gain the requisite skills to do this and will realize additional career opportunities upon graduation.

The dual degree is designed to aid students who seek positions of management and leadership that require a combination of patient care and management skills.

Examples of these positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Institutional formulary development and management
  • Chain or Independent store pharmacy management
  • Pharmacoeconomics in industry and managed care
  • Managed Care Management
  • Biotechnology
  • Management of any health care institution (hospital, health-system, etc.)
  • Professional association work (e.g., APhA, NCPA)
  • Outcomes research
  • Monitoring clinical trials
  • Project management in health care
  • Teaching in a college of pharmacy



Advantages of the UC Dual Degree Program:

  • No additional cost to adding the second degree
  • Professional career training
  • Sequential program allowing completion concurrent to earning the PharmD degree
  • Individual instruction and small classes


Please refer to the University of Charleston School of Business for further details on the MBA or the MSSL programs.