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Overview of Program

The purpose of the Biology program is to help students understand the living world and fundamental life processes, as well as helping them acquire the skills and knowledge base they will need to teach science, pursue graduate work, or prepare for a career in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science or as a professional biologist. The student can then use their skills to contribute to the community.

Program Highlights

  • Strong emphasis on undergraduate research and experiential learning
  • Opportunity to participate in the departmental tropical ecology experience to destinations such as Costa Rica and Brazil
  • Free and Formal MCAT and PCAT reviews taught and led by professors in their specialties
  • Laboratory sections taught by professors
  • Three program concentrations to meet students’ educational goals


The University of Charleston also offers a Chemistry–Biology Dual Major.

Admission Requirements

Students must gain general admission to the University of Charleston.

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2300 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
Charleston, WV 25304
1-800-995-4682 (GO UC) 

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