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Mark Watson
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Chair, NSCI & Math Departments
Associate Professor of Biology

  • Undergraduate education B.S. Biology and Botany, Marshall University, Huntington WV 1986
  • Graduate Education M.S. Biology, Marshall University, Huntington, WV 1988
  • PhD. Botany, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 1996
  • Additional Education: Post Doctoral Fellowship, Biology Department, Penn State University, State College PA.


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Expected Publications

  1. Atlas of West Virginia Amphibians and Reptiles T. K. Pauley and M.B. Watson.  (in preparation).  Funded by the WVDNR.

Current Student Projects

  1. Effects of triclosan, an antimicrobial personal care product, on the life history of various fern species.

Past Student Projects

  1. Resistance Testing of E. coli, a common cause of urinary tract infections (Ashley Ferguson)
  2. The effect of an invasive species, Polygonum cuspidatum, on species reichness of salamanders of a tributary of Ferry Branch ,WV (Samuel Trip King III)
  3. Fecal Coliform Bacteria Study for the Kanawha River (Matthew Messina)
  4. Antibiotic Resistant populations of fecal microbes residing in run-off water associates with livestock on antibiotics (Edward Craft)
  5. The Determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration of Hibiclens TM and Germ-X® of seven medically important microorganisms.  (Samantha Meyers)
  6. Investigating if a soil related cause is the reason for an unusually low survival rate of Abies balsamea (Canaan Fir) at the Whipkey Christmas Tree Farm of Charleston, West Virginia (Brenten Whipkey)
  7. A quantitative comparison of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus between swimming pools and hot tubs (Ashley Jones)
  8. Investigation of a Listerine antiseptic on Streptococcus mutans in college-aged students (Ashley Clay)
  9. The Affects of Northern and Southern Mountain Slope Aspects on Salamander Populations (James Spencer)

My research interests include the conservation biology related to woodland salamanders, especially in regards to habitat destruction and invasive plant species. I am also interested in effects of pollutants on the life cycles of pteridophytes. Other interests: My extracurricular activities, besides spending time with my family, include participating in Church activities, Fishing, Hunting, Photography and playing traditional music. My favorite instruments to play are the Mandolin, Tin Whistle and Irish Bouzouki. As a Botanist, I am also always in search of that new flower or plant that I don’t know!