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Military Science Program (ROTC)

Military Science Courses

Students who participate in the Military Science Program (Army ROTC) may count all 20 credits taken in the program as elective credit toward the minimum credits required for graduation.

Students who are not participants in the Military Science Program may take Military Science courses, all of which may be applied as elective credits toward the minimum credits required for graduation.

Courses in Military Science shall not be used to satisfy major or allied field requirements.

The Military Science Program is operated cooperatively with West Virginia State University. The program has two components: the Basic Course and the Advanced Course.

Basic Course

The Basic courses include MSCI 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, and 203 of the Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC) pre-commissioning and leadership development curriculum. These courses are designed for students who either want to try Military Science without obligation for military service, or those who want to qualify for entry into the Advanced Courses.

A number of popular and challenging extracurricular activities are associated with these courses.

A student can also qualify for entry in the Advanced Course by completing the summer encampment, MSCI 210 Camp Challenge. MSCI 150 is required of students enrolled in MSCI 201 and MSCI 202.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is open only to students who have completed the Basic Course, or to those who have earned placement credit for the Basic Course through various methods — typically through prior military service or MSCI 210 Camp Challenge, also known as the Leadership Training Course (LTC). 

The Advanced Course is designed to qualify a student for a commission as an officer in the United States Army.

Students must complete MSCI 310 ROTC Advanced Camp during the summer, usually between the junior and senior years. The courses must be taken in sequence unless otherwise approved by the Professor of Military Science.

Students enrolled in the Advanced Course receive a stipend of $200 or more per month during the academic year, or as otherwise indicated when contracting.

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