• Chemistry

    Bachelor's of Chemistry



    ChemistryChemistry is the science of matter and how all matter interacts at molecular level. It is an exciting science that links theory with experience in the laboratory and relates macroscopic (visible) entities and processes to their microscopic constituents (atoms and molecules) and processes. It is a major where you will gain an understanding of the wonders of chemical reactions and the chemistry involved in everyday life in the world around us. It is the only major where you can make new substances that have never existed before!

    The mission of the chemistry program is to educate each student on the nature of chemistry and biochemistry, and to prepare the student with sufficient knowledge and skills to pursue productive work in chemistry, or to attend graduate school in chemistry, or to attend professional school in the health sciences, and to enable students in the use of chemistry to interpret every day life in the pursuit of enlightened living and community involvement.


    • UC Offers
      • The ability to work closely with faculty members and the opportunity to pursue individual research projects
      • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities and instrumentation including access to instruments at other universities
      • Strong emphasis on undergraduate research and hands-on learning
      • Publication of faculty-student research in peer-reviewed journals and the opportunity to present work to others
      • University of Charleston Chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (ACS Affiliates)
      • Strong preparation for a multitude of work or graduate school opportunities
      • Chemistry study groups and free tutoring
      • Academic support from experienced advisors, who can share experiences of working in academic and industrial environments
      • Faculty-led review sessions for professional school entrance exams: PCAT, MCAT, GRE

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