• Chemistry/Biology



    About the Program

    This specially-designed B.S. degree program allows interested students to obtain a dual-major in chemistry and biology. B.S. degree holders possessing a strong knowledge base in both chemistry and biology are particularly competitive for professional schools.


    The mission of the chemistry-biology dual-major program is to educate each student about the nature of chemistry, biology and biochemistry, and to prepare the student with sufficient knowledge and skills to succeed in graduate studies in chemistry and/or biology, or to succeed in studies in the health professions, and to enable students in the use of scientific principles and methodology to interpret everyday life in the pursuit of enlightened living and community involvement.

    Research Interests

    The Chemistry-Biology Program consists of interdisciplinary areas of study in biology and chemistry. Undergraduate research for this degree program encompasses one or more of the following areas:  

    • Analytical chemistry research – Using chemical instrumentation to analyze environmental and consumer product samples
    • Biochemistry research – Ligand binding to heme proteins and analysis of biological consequences
    • Inorganic chemistry research – Spectroscopic characterization of oxometal (oxygen-containing) cations in strongly acidic media
    • Synthetic organic chemistry research – Hydrocarbon C-H bond activation by inorganic cations and related organic functionalization leading to synthesis of industrially important organic compounds
    • Water quality research – Determining levels of contaminants in West Virginia surface waters
    • UC offers
      • The opportunity to work closely with faculty members with experience in industry, academia, and medicine
      • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities and instrumentation
      • Strong emphasis on undergraduate research and hands-on learning
      • Opportunity to present research at scientific meetings and to publish in peer-reviewed journals
      • Internships with the West Virginia INBRE Program
      • Strong preparation for graduate/professional school or working in industry
      • Study groups and free tutoring
      • Faculty-led review sessions for PCAT, MCAT, DAT, GRE and other graduate entrance exams
      • Membership in science organizations (ACS Affiliates, Chi Beta)