• Biology

    Bachelor's of Science in Biology



    Statement from Biology Program

    BiologyThe driving philosophy in our program is that we not only want our students to graduate from U.C., but we want them to succeed in whatever graduate program or field of study they choose. With that philosophy in mind, we have designed a curriculum to complement the Liberal Learning Outcomes of the University and provide a knowledge base and critical thinking skills needed to meet the goals of our graduates. Each student can tailor their electives to match their interests. Graduates of our Pre-professional Program will be ready to take their entrance exams and enter into a graduate or professional school. Graduates from the General Biology Program can find a career in Biology or continue their education should they choose. Our professors work with our students both inside and outside the classroom to help ensure they can successfully prepare for a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science, as a physician assistant, or a professional biologist. Our unique curriculum allows many students to graduate with B.S. degree in 3 years so students can get into graduate or professional schools sooner.

    • UC Provides:
      • Strong emphasis on becoming a self-motivated active learner
      • Formal PCAT/ MCAT/GRE review sessions held by the faculty
      • The Pre-Professional Student Manual prepared by the Department
      • Three program tracks meet students’ educational goals
      • Free sessions on study skills and test-taking techniques
      • A PCAT/MCAT/GRE/DAT study guide prepared by the department
      • Interviewing preparation
      • Reading/verbal worksheets weekly to improve PCAT/MCAT/GRE/DAT scores