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From new ways to deliver medication to a startup engineering firm; from chemical analysis studies to new ways to grow food; from imaginative works of art to new ways to tackle societal issues – students, faculty and staff harness their creativity and ingenuity to compete for cash prizes.


I3 Day is a day-long annual competitive event showcasing the University of Charleston’s culture of innovation through faculty, staff, and student presentations. Classes are cancelled for the day so that all UC students can participate – either by presenting or supporting their friends who are. Area business leaders and community members participate by evaluating the presentations, bringing their own perspectives to the showcase. 

I3 Day offers:

  • Up to $25,000 in cash awards ($19,900 awarded in 2019)
  • Over 100 students and about 20 faculty/staff typically compete
  • More than 50 judges from the community participate


2021 Virtual i3 Competition/Category Winners

Innovation Showcase 2021 Winners

GRAND CHAMPION: Sydney Schliesser

Runner Up: Samuel Dillon



Final Four Broadcast

 The Final Four was broadcast as part of the statewide celebration of
Innovation and Entrepreneurship called Bridging Innovation ( ).





grinning female student looking at male student during Innovation Showcase
male and female physician assistant students standing with their research poster at the Innovation Showcase
Radiology professor pointing to research poster at Innovation Showcase with a group of female students looking at poster
male student presenting a powerpoint slide to business professionals in a classroom