University of Charleston
  1. Administrative Assistant

    Suzanna Summers
  2. Professor of Chemistry

    Xiaoping Sun
  3. Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  4. Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  5. Assistant Professor and Director of Financial Planning

    Jacob Tenney
  6. Executive Director of Experiential Education

    Julie Testman
  7. Administrative Assistant/Pre-Nursing Advisor – Beckley

    Kennita Thomas
  8. Administrative Assistant

  9. Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

  10. Director of Financial Aid


    Phone: 304-357-4950


    Room 204, Riggleman Hall

  11. Vice President of Communications & Marketing

  12. Graphic Designer

  13. Site Coordinator – Charleston/Assistant Professor

  14. First Year Student Advisor (FSA)
    Associate Professor of Biology

  15. ORGL, CYBR, BS
    Academic Advisor

  16. Chair, NSCI & Math Departments
    Associate Professor of Biology

    Mark Watson
  17. Director of Residence Life & Judicial Affairs

  18. Director of Radiologic Technology

    Jason Wilcox
  19. Admissions Representative
    Territory: Northeast WV, Eastern Seaboard States

  20. Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management