University of Charleston
  1. Assistant Professor – ADN Beckley

  2. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

    Rebecca Linger
  3. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

    Kristy Lucas
  4. Assistant Professor – ADN Beckley

    Judy Majoney
  5. Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator-Beckley

    Skylar Marsh
  6. Admissions Coordinator

    Bridget May
  7. Coordinator of Student Involvement

  8. Associate Professor

  9. Senior Admissions Representative

    Kayleigh Lough
  10. Assistant Professor- ADN Charleston

  11. Executive Director of Professional Affairs

    Gannett Monk
  12. Vice President/Dean of Students

  13. Vice President of Development

    deborah morris
  14. Assistant Professor

    Karrie Murphy
  15. Assistant Professor

    Amanda Neville
  16. Reference and Instruction Librarian

    Rebecca Newman
  17. Coordinator of Clinical Services
    Head Athletic Trainer – Football, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track & Field – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Track & Field

  18. Program Director – Assistant Professor

    Jennifer Pack
  19. Assistant Professor of Biology

  20. Assistant Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
    Associate Professor

  21. Administrative Assistant, Budget and Office Manager, Office of the Dean

  22. Director of International Students

  23. Facilitator & Admissions Representative

  24. Associate Professor and Program Director of Sport Business

    Brian Pruegger