University of Charleston
  1. Security Patrol Officer Department of Safety & Security University of Charleston   Essential Functions of the Job: Documentation and initial investigation of all reported crime related incidents, car accidents, personal injuries, industrial or employee accidents, suspicious activity, Homeland Security concerns etc. Assist all law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel called upon to assist the university. […]

  2. Payroll Clerk – Business Office University of Charleston The Payroll clerk will be responsible for processing the biweekly payroll, maintaining supporting documentation for all pay rate & position changes, preparing departmental reports, and maintaining personnel files.   AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: Biweekly Payroll (summary) Verify all required forms have been completed by new employees and process […]

  3. Program Director – Health Sciences University of Charleston The principal objective for the Program Director is to provide leadership and administrative oversight to the Health Science Core Curriculum.  Enhance the quality of the outcomes-based learning experiences for students at the University of Charleston.  Support departmental faculty in the use of best practices in teaching, learning, […]

  4. Chemistry Faculty Member   The University of Charleston seeks candidates for a 9-month full-time position in Chemistry. The University of Charleston is a small private university located in Charleston, West Virginia, a community of approximately 50,000 in a metro area of 250,000, located in the south-central part of the state. Charleston, the state capital, is […]

  5. Desk Assistant Office of Student Life   Job Summary: The Desk Assistant (DA) is a staff member employed by the Student Life Department. Desk Assistants are expected to behave in a mature and responsible manner, using good judgment, abiding by local and institutional policies.   The scheduled shift is five (5) days a week between […]

  6. Project Coordinator – Sexual Awareness and Violence Education (SAVE) Program Office of Student Life The University of Charleston seeks candidates for the full-time position of the Project Coordinator of the Sexual Awareness and Violence Education (SAVE) program under the Department of Justice, Office of Violence against Women (OVW) campus grant to reduce sexual assault, domestic […]

  7. Custodian – Facilities Department Job Summary:  Care for building interiors, stairwells and entrances. This includes but is not limited to vacuuming carpet, cleaning rest rooms, trash removal, and window cleaning and dusting. A skill in floor maintenance (stripping and waxing) is a plus. Overtime work is mandatory at times to order to keep up with […]

  8. Grounds Worker – Facilities Department Job Summary:  Care for all grounds, trees, exterior components, and landscape. This includes but not limited to mowing, trimming trees and shrubs, trash removal, flower planting, care, and weeding.  A skill in operating landscape equipment is required.  Driving off campus is necessary at times.  Overtime work is mandatory at times […]

  9. Resident Director (Graduate Assistant) Student Life The University of Charleston seeks an 11-month Graduate Assistant Resident Director live-in position. The Resident Director is responsible for all aspects of the residential communities in which they are placed – Ratrie Hall, Middle Hall or East Apartments. This includes hiring/recruiting, training, and supervising staff and student leaders; implementing […]

  10. Assistant Director Serving MBA & International Recruitment Areas Under the direct supervision of the Director of Charleston Unergraduate Recruitment & Operations, the Assistant Director for MBA & International Students has responsibility for assisting with planning, developing, implementing and evaluating multi-channel marketing and recruitment strategies for related enrollment. The employee will need to be knowledgeable about […]