University of Charleston
Campus Map
UC Campus Map

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  1. President’s Home
  2. Morrison Fitness Center
  3. The Russell & Martha Wehrle Innovation Center & Sports Complex/Gorman Physical Education Building
  4. Clay Tower Building (CTB) Schoenbaum Library
  5. Geary Student Union (GSU) Ballroom/Appalachian Room/Frankenberger Art Gallery/Dining Hall/Starbucks/CT
  6. Riggleman Hall
  7. School of Pharmacy
  8. East Apartments
  9. Ratrie Hall
  10. Middle Hall
  11. Cox Hall
  12. Brotherton Hall
  13. Welch Athletic Complex (Located two blocks west of campus)
  14. UC Stadium at Laidley Field (Located at 1649 Piedmont Rd)


P = Student/Faculty/Staff Parking – Permit Required