• Results of the University of Charleston Innovation Showcase April 19, 2017

    The Inaugural University of Charleston I3 (Ideas, Invention, Innovation) event offered a day of competition, as students and faculty presented projects in the categories of products, innovative process, service or project, innovative work of art, design, performance or creation, research and a non-competitive category as well.

    The presentations were the final step in the competition, where students, faculty and staff competed for a total of $20,000 in prizes.

    The winners of the event were announced at the University’s EagleFest 2.0 event that evening.

    Student Process

    4th place — Eden Garrett - “The Glass House”

    3rd place — Haylie Maciel, Bria Lovejoy, Rebekah Martin, Amy Winebrenner, Amy Hairston - “Child Care Retention Strategies for Local Nurses”

    2nd place — Tim Niyogusaba - “Golden Eagle Network”

    1st place — Obiechina Ezekwesili and Jacob Madison - “Reach Health”

    Student Art

    4th place — Mallorie Mize — “The Battles We Face”

    3Rd place — Brandon Michael Godinich, Kelsey Matusic, Amy Hu, Lindsay Jones, Mercedes Cartwright, Sommer Dilly, Amanda Whittman — “Showtime Zoo”

    2nd place-  Rija Saleem — “Read between the Lights”

    1St place — Rachel Cokeley — “Untiltled”

    Student Product

    4th place- Obiechina Ezekwesili — “TaperFade”

    3rd place- Dana Ciarrocchi, Douglas Criado, Victoria Oyewole — “URCovered”

    2nd  place — Allyssa Covert — “Fire Safety Innovations”

    1st place — Andrew Van Deusen — “Study Lex”

    Student Research

    4th place- Amanda Whittman — “The Prevalence of Four Types of Intestinal Parasistes in Felis Catus in Two Neighboring West Virginia States”

    3rd  place — Mackenna Boone — “Measure of Bacterial Burden in Bordetella Pertussis Infection in Context of Vaccination and Mutant Toxin Strains”

    2nd  place — Josiah Richardson — “The Effects of Flooding in both Plant Growth and Heterotrophic Bacterial Counts in Soil”

    1st place — Malaika Woody — “Effect of Human Multivitamin on Plant Germination and Growth”

    Faculty Research

    3rd  place — Mike Bayly — “Motivating Voters through Fear and Anger: Donald Trump’s Effective Use of Mortality Salience in the 2016 Presidential Election”

    2nd  place — Rebecca Linger — “Burkholderia cenocepacia LipE: Developing New Strategies to Combat a Pan-resistant Bacterial Strain”

    1st place — Jay Wildt — “A Study of Outcomes: Based Educational Interventions and Moral Development of Undergraduate College Students”

    Faculty Process

    3rd  place — Anne Teichman, David Bowyer, Barbara Smith — “Ambulatory Care Pharmacy: What it is and How it Fits in the Health Care System”

    2nd  place — Amanda Meadows — “Professional’s Closet – A Suit Rental Service"

    1st place — Gannett Monk — “Can a ‘BSA Merit Badge U’ Annual Event Help Increase Enrollment at the University of Charleston?”

    Faculty Product

    2nd  place — David Ramsburg — “Phoenix Planner”

    1st place — Anna Hughes, Rebecca Linger — “AdviseUC”

    Interdisciplinary Award

    Jessica Landry, Jessica Lonegnette, Coty Dennler, Tiffany Hatfield, Chelsey Peters, Kay Blose — “Animal Assistive Occupational Therapy, both as Community Service and Addition to Curriculum Design”

    Top Performing School Award

    The School of Arts and Sciences