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    Bernie Layne


    Watch the video to find out how the University of Charleston provided the right environment to give this former student and former professor a “special, but not unique” relationship long after Layne graduated.

    Read Bernie's story...

    For the Next Generation

    When you came to the University of Charleston, you found a place unlike any other. A beautiful place where education was a product of creativity, inspiration, introspection, and exploration. Where people encouraged you and challenged you to think bigger, work harder, and be more. Where those that had gone before you paved the way—not just philosophically, but financially as well. They gave so that you could thrive; so that you could receive an exceptional education with affordable tuition. And now, young, world-hungry seekers like yourself need you to do the same.

    For Yourself

    Your degree is more than just a tool for advancement in the professional world; it’s a reminder of old friends, new perspectives, awakened ambitions, and dreams come true. But when you invest in the future of the University of Charleston, your contributions allow us to continue bringing the best and brightest students and faculty into the fold, improve our curricula and programs, and establish our national and global presence. The value of your degree can only grow. The education that already means so much to you will mean even more with the generous support of alumni and friends like yourself.

    Why I Give To UC

    Ryan Moran  
    I give back to the University of Charleston because my alma mater unlocked a world of limitless opportunity for me. I want current and future students to have the same opportunities and chances that UC provided me.

    — Ryan Moran, Class of 2012



    Nina Denton Pasinetti  
    My experience at Morris Harvey helped to mold me into the person I am. I believe in the benefits offered by a small independent university and that you should never forget your roots.

    — Nina Denton Pasinetti, Class of 1965