• Parking

    To accommodate parking for all of the different groups on campus and off, UC has designated areas for visitors, students and employees.

    • Visitors. Please use the Visitor Parking Lot from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday). Follow signs from the campus entrance. For events on UC campus after 5 p.m, you are welcome to use other ground-level parking lots. Two large signs at the entrance of the Visitor Parking Lot state the two-hour limit during the day. If you need to be on campus for a longer period, please go to the security office on the first floor of the Geary Student Union to obtain an extended temporary pass.
    • New students. If you will be driving a car to campus, you need to register your vehicle online with the Office of Safety & Security. You will need to provide license, registration, ownership, insurance, and other details about your vehicle in order to obtain your parking permit.
    • Returning students or employees. If your past information is on file with Security, you only need to provide information about recent changes online before picking up your permit each semester. if you have a new vehicle or your insurance or license number has changed since the prior term, please make sure you update your record online with the Office of Safety & Security.

    Note: Student parking permits and employee validation stickers are available at the Student Services Fair at the beginning of each semester. Changes during the semester should be made online with the Office of Safety & Security.

    Parking Guidelines for Students, Faculty, and Staff