University of Charleston

University of Charleston

Peer Educators

Peer Educators are student leaders who are responsible for empowering and engaging first-year students within the UNIV 101 and 102 programs. Peer Educators help guide freshmen through their academic and professional development, while also offering personalized support.

Student Activities Board (SAB)

The Student Activities Board commonly referred to as SAB, is the primary programming board for the creation and implementation of student activities. SAB is charged with the planning of events and programs that offer quality, diverse, social, educational and innovative activities.

From Comedy Nights to Freebie Fridays, trips to local attractions and our very popular BINGO nights, the SAB provides the campus with events that entertain, inform and offer chances for you to pick up new skills and a few prizes.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the governing body for both undergraduate and graduate students. It is composed of five Executive Board members, six Upperclassman Senators, three Sophomore Senators, three Freshman Senators, and Super-Council Senators representing their respective graduate programs.

Members of SGA serve one-year terms, and their election and re-election are dependent upon votes from the student body. SGA proudly works with members of the UC administration, faculty and staff to ensure each student has an enjoyable and rewarding experience at the University of Charleston. The Student Government Association strives to be the voice of the student body and welcomes any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.

SGA holds weekly meetings and these meetings are open to students, faculty, and staff. If you would like to attend a future meeting, reach out to an SGA Representative for more information.

To contact SGA, you can visit their office located within the Office of Student Life on the 3rd floor of the Geary Student Union, or email them at


Current Executive Board

Haleigh Bennett

Virginia Moore, MA

Vice President/Dean of Students