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University of Charleston

Audiovisual Equipment Rental

We offer many different types of equipment for special events and meetings. Our rental and labor charges are consistently lower than other local venues and suppliers. There is no minimum labor charge. Charges are based strictly on the actual time and number of personnel involved.

All equipment rental charges include a labor charge for a normal setup if the event is scheduled during regular office hours (Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). If an operator is requested or required, or the event is during the evening or on a weekend, an additional labor charge is automatically incurred at the prevailing hourly rate for the actual time and number of personnel involved.

There is a per-day, per-location rental charge for any and all audiovisual, sound, video, and lighting equipment for non-university groups and events, even those co-sponsored by the University. Unless the event is fully sponsored by the University, outside groups are charged for the regular rental and labor charges for any audiovisual needs. All rental charges are per piece, per location, per day.

The same equipment type in multiple locations is charged as separate uses. A last-minute request or change may be assessed a penalty fee, or may not be done at all, depending on the situation, equipment, and personnel availability. A multi-use discount may be granted for use of the same equipment over a long period of time or for regular customers. This is not automatic and will not apply in all cases.

Equipment that is moved from one location to another by the group will incur an additional rental charge. There may also be an additional labor charge, depending on the time frame of the event and the needs. Events scheduled at other times will incur an hourly labor charge. Events requiring a staff person to be on-site will incur an hourly labor charge for the actual time, even during regular office hours.

Please be sure to ask about our audiovisual services when you schedule your event. We can help you determine the best set up for you, and provide prices at that time.