University of Charleston

University of Charleston

How do I apply for a residence hall room?

New students, returning students and graduate students can apply for housing online.

Where do first-year undergraduate students live?

Space is held in all undergraduate buildings for new students. We hold one floor in Ratrie Hall, Middle Hall, and two floors in Brotherton Hall.

Where do returning undergraduate students live?

Returning undergrad students live in Brotherton Hall, Ratrie Hall, and Middle Hall.

Where do graduate students live?

Graduate students live in East Apartments.

Do I have to show proof of health insurance to live on campus?

Yes, when you complete your housing application you will need to submit proof of health insurance and maintain health insurance throughout their time on campus.

Do I need any vaccinations to live on campus?

Yes, all students must have up-to-date hepatitis B, meningitis ACWY, and MMR and submit documentation of vaccinations received before a housing assignment will be completed.

What are the room rates and meal plan rates?

View current housing costs and meal plan rates.

How do I know what my room assignment is? When will I receive it?

New and returning students select their own room assignments throughout the summer. You will be able to select your room from a map of the building or by a list of available spaces.

Starting on July 15, Residence Life makes assignments manually. Your assignment will be visible in the housing portal once it is complete. You will see your roommates information and email contact.

Who is my roommate? May I contact my roommate before we move in?

If you have one or more roommates, names and contact information will appear on your room assignment on the housing portal. Feel free to get in touch with your roommate(s) before arriving on campus to get to know one another and discuss who will be bringing what.

Things to discuss with your roommate:

  • Carpet or throw rug
  • Computer
  • Electronics (TV, DVD player, stereo, etc.)
  • Refrigerator (no larger than 4.4 cubic feet)
  • Microwave under 1000 watts
  • Expectations for residential living

May I see my room before I move in?

Students may schedule a tour with the Admission Office during the summer to see the showroom in Brotherton Hall. Otherwise, the residence halls are closed to students until the move-in date.

What size are the beds in the residence hall rooms?

The beds are extra-long twin beds and 29 inches wide.

Residence Life has partnered with On Campus Marketing to ensure our students have an affordable and convenient way to get XL twin sheets. Visit to learn more about the items offered.

What furniture comes in the room?

Each room comes with a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser, closet space, window shade, Ethernet hookup (internet), and cable television outlet.

What are the estimated room measurements for each building?

**Remember that you will be sharing a room and space is limited.**

  • Ratrie Hall
    • Double Room 11 × 18
    • Apartment 10 × 18
    • Living room 9.5 × 26.5
  • Middle Hall
    • Double Room 11 × 18
    • Apartment 12 × 19
    • Living 11 × 15
  • Brotherton Hall
    • Double Room 15 x 10.5

May I paint my dorm room?

No, you will not be able to paint your room.

Are students allowed to build bed lofts?

No, students are not allowed to build bed lofts. However, if you’re interested in using a university loft kit, please contact your Residence Life Coordinator when you arrive on campus. A limited number of loft kits are available in each hall and a lottery system is used to determine who will receive a loft kit on the first day of class.

What about window coverings?

All residence hall rooms have blinds on each window.

Where do I get my room key?
When you move in, you will receive your key from a Resident Assistant in your residence hall.

What is an RA? What does an RA do?

An RA is a Resident Assistant and he/she is part of the student staff that lives in the residence hall to help build community and citizenship on each floor and help students with learning outside the classroom.

Are there laundry facilities on campus?

Laundry facilities are located in each hall on campus.

Are students subject to curfew?

There are no curfews.

What is the visitation policy?
Guests are to be escorted at all times by a resident and are expected to adhere to all of the University of Charleston’s regulations and policies. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests. The visitation policy is:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 12 p.m. – 2 a.m.
  • Friday – Saturday: 24 hours

Students may have co-ed overnight guests on Friday and Saturday night if they are properly signed in with the Desk Assistant and leave identification.

Please see the student handbook for the full policy.

Are residents allowed to have a car on campus?

Yes. Click here to learn about parking.

What happens when a rule or policy is broken?

A person documented for a policy violation will meet with the Director of Residence Life or their designee to discuss possible sanctions.