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We’re proud to be home to InnovationWV, the West Virginia Chapter of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP).

InnovationWV connects local innovators with available resources to get new ideas off of the ground.

“We started InnovationWV to move innovation forward in West Virginia because innovation means progress,” said Terry Cyfers, Assistant Director of Innovation at UC. “The members are professionals devoted to making a substantial, positive impact in our state.”

IAOIP is the world’s only innovation certification body.  It provides members with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to deliver real change in their industry or field. Cyfers joined the organization to make this local chapter a reality.

“Innovators are found in businesses; in state, federal, and local governments; in universities and high schools; in garages, not-for-profit organizations, and other unlikely places,” said Cyfers. “By harnessing the tools and processes the association has to offer, and by bringing these innovators together, InnovationWV aims to change the face of West Virginia one innovation at a time.”