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Assistant Professor of Business and Professional Sales Program Director

  • PhD in Marketing from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • MBA from Weber State University
  • B.S. from Weber State University

Journal Publications (peer-reviewed)

  1. Sheng, X., Murray, R., Ketron, S. C., & Felix, R. (2024). Effects of third-party observer empathy when viewing interactions between robots and customers: The moderating role of robot eeriness. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 119, 103729.
  2. Murray, R. (2022). An abrupt change: How COVID-19 impacted academia. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 26(S6), 1-4.
  3. Murray,Ross (2021), “The Hidden Morality of Artificial Intelligence”, Markets,Globalization & Development Review, 5(2).

Conference Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

  1. Murray,Ross, Xiaojing Sheng, and Reto Felix (2021), “Impacts of Perceived Robot Eerinesson Future Approach Intentions of Third-party Observers”, Accepted at the 2021AMA Summer Conference as a competitive paper.
  2. Murray,Ross, Xiaojing Sheng, and Michael Minor (2021), “Impacts of Face Coverings, BackgroundNoise, Perceived Customer Attractiveness, and Intelligibility of Speech onFront Line Employee Job Stress”, Accepted at the 2021 AMA Summer Conference asa poster.
  3. Murray,Ross, Xiaojing Sheng, and Forrest Morgeson (2021), “Thriving or Surviving? Therole of Mindsets in Times of Crises: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic”, Acceptedat the 2021 ACR as a working paper. 
  4. AiNhan Ngo, Ross Murray, and Michael Minor (2021), “The Personal Benefits of SeekingOut Wildlife Encounters—Birdwatching”, Accepted at the 2021 ACR Film Festival.
  5. Murray,Ross, Reto Felix, Xiaojing Sheng, and Fuat Firat (2020), “Selfless Concern: TheModerating Effect of Altruism on the Relationship between General Beliefs and thePurchase of Green Products”, Accepted at the 2020 AMA Summer Conference as acompetitive paper.
  6. Murray,Ross, Suwakitti Amornpan, and Michael S. Minor (2020), “Winter Texans’Motivations to Temporarily Relocate: Exploring Costs of Living”, videoaccepted for presentation at the Association for Consumer Research VirtualConference, Fall, 2020.

Services Marketing, Consumer Neuroscience, Eye Tracking, Human/Robot Interaction, Green Consumption

Ross Murray joined the faculty of the University of Charleston in 2022 and serves as an assistant professor of business and is the director of the Wehrle Sales Center. Ross received his PhD in Marketing at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. In addition, Ross received his Bachelor’s degree and MBA from Weber State University in Utah. His primary research interest is in sales, services marketing and the interactions that customers have with technology using artificial intelligence. Before his journey into research and teaching, Ross spent more than 10 years in sales and marketing in the transportation industry. He currently lives in Charleston with his family.