University of Charleston

*last updated on December 29, 2020

General Campus Information


Is campus open?

Campus is open to students, faculty, and staff.

Is there anything I need to do before coming to campus?

Yes. All employees and students will participate in training that describes UC’s health and safety practices. All employees and students must complete online health and safety training on the SafeCollege platform. They must also complete daily health checks using the LiveSafe app. In addition, all employees and students need to test negative for COVID-19 before coming to campus. Students should contact Dean of Students Virginia Moore and employees should contact Director of Human Resources Janice Gwinn.

Are visitors allowed on campus?

Admissions and athletics visits are welcomed by appointment. All visits should be scheduled in advance. All other visits must be approved, and guests must check in through the Campus Safety and Security Office.

Who should I contact about technology issues?

Contact the Help Desk at



Health & Safety Information


Do I have to have a COVID-19 test before coming to campus?

Yes. COVID-19 testing is required for all students and employees on both the Beckley and Charleston campuses. All campus-based employees and students should get tested 48-72 hours before returning to campus for the Spring 2021 semester. Anyone who tests positive should notify UC at and should not come to campus until authorized to do so.

All campus-based employees and students will also be tested on campus upon their return in January 2021.

Is UC conducting surveillance testing?

Yes.  The state of West Virginia requires that we test 10% of our campus-based students each week. Students will be randomly selected for weekly COVID-19 testing. Participation is mandatory.

Who do I contact if I am not feeling well or am exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms?

Seek medical assistance if you are ill. Indicate the symptoms you are experiencing on the LiveSafe app. Employees should also report illnesses to Janice Gwinn, Human Resource Director, Students should also contact Virginia Moore, Vice President & Dean of Students, These individuals will provide additional guidance if needed. In the event that a health situation warrants COVID-19-related intervention, it will be referred to UC’s Virtual Command Center.

What happens if a student or employee tests positive for COVID-19?

In the event a residential student tests positive for COVID-19 they will follow the University’s Isolation and Quarantine Policy. If a commuter student or employee test positive for COVID-19 they will need to isolate at home and follow health care provider and health department direction. UC will work with the local health department in accordance with all regulatory guidance and applicable laws to ensure that contact tracing occurs if a Beckley or Charleston campus employee or student tests positive for COVID-19.

What measures are being taken to ensure people on campus are healthy?

All UC community members must take responsibility for monitoring their daily health for their own benefit and the safety of their fellow UC community members.

All employees and students are required to perform a daily health self-assessment using the LiveSafe app. Everyone should take their temperature before leaving home or their residence hall each day as part of the daily health screening.

Additionally, everyone will have their temperature checked daily on campus. Anyone whose temperature exceeds 100.4°F will not be permitted to enter academic buildings (Clay Tower, Geary Student Union, Gorman, Innovation Center, Riggleman Hall, School of Pharmacy), the Fitness Center, or athletic venues.

Is UC recommending vaccines?

Yes. As they become available, the University recommends that employees and students consider being vaccinated for COVID-19.  Vaccinations are voluntary and we advise that you consult with your health care provider.  As supplies become available UC will work with local health departments to administer vaccines at or near our campus locations in Charleston and Beckley.

Do I have to wear a face mask or face covering?

Yes. Face masks/coverings must be worn at all times by employees and students in all campus buildings with the exception of individual offices and dormitory rooms. Face coverings should also be worn outdoors on campus including at all athletic activities.

What about cleaning campus?

All common areas will be cleaned daily. Surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, bathroom surfaces, and handrails, will be cleaned with soap and water or another detergent at least daily when facilities are in use.

Supplies will be available so that certain high-use surfaces and objects in public spaces, such as recreation equipment, telephones, common printers and copiers, and point of sale keypads, can be cleaned and disinfected before each use.

Is UC practicing physical distancing?

Yes. Employees should avoid office gatherings, break rooms, and unnecessary in-person meetings and socializing in the workplace. Workspaces will be configured and managed to allow for six (6) feet distances.

Meetings should be conducted electronically, even when working on campus. If meetings cannot be conducted virtually, participation should be limited to ten (10) participants while maintaining appropriate physical distancing and wearing of masks or face coverings. The largest available meeting location should be used.

Students should avoid congregating in groups. Learning spaces will be configured and managed to allow for six (6) feet distances.

Maximum occupancy of campus spaces has been marked. Foot traffic flow in hallways and stairwells will be coordinated where possible to minimize congregation and congestion.

Will personal protective equipment (PPE) be provided?

Yes. Hand hygiene supplies are readily available throughout campus. All campus-based employees and students will be provided with washable face masks; however, everyone is encouraged to have additional reusable face masks/coverings for use if theirs get lost or damaged. Gloves, gowns, and other personal protective equipment necessary for labs and health care program training and for custodial, dining, and maintenance services will be provided.

Are there any travel restrictions?

Campus-based students and employees are discouraged from traveling.



Academic Calendar Information


What are the key dates for the Spring 2021 semester?

The Spring 2021 semester will begin January 11, 2021. There will be no spring break. Final exams will end April 23, 2021, and commencement is scheduled for April 24, 2021.

How will the May 2021 commencement ceremonies be conducted?

The commencement format (in-person or virtual) will be determined in February 2021. Our May 2020 and December 2020 virtual commencement ceremonies went exceptionally well.  Regardless of the format, each graduating student will be featured in the ceremony.  Graduating students may still purchase regalia. More details will be forthcoming from the Communications and Registrar Offices.



Academic & Instruction Information


Are there in-seat classes?

Yes. Classes will be delivered in-seat on both the Beckley and Charleston campuses.

Do professors have office hours?

Yes. Professors will hold virtual office hours.

Can I meet with my advisor?

Yes. Please contact your advisor to schedule a virtual meeting.

What happens in my classes if I get sick?

UC is using a Flex Connect model of instruction. All in-seat class sessions will be live streamed and recorded so students can participate remotely in real-time, and access class sessions after they have occurred.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. All students should have a laptop or notebook computer and a web camera. Check the required computer specifications for your particular degree program or major.

Do I need to wear a face mask or face covering in class?


Is the library open?


Can I get tutoring help?

Yes, by appointment.

Is the Center for Career Development open?

Yes, by appointment.

Are special accommodations available?

Yes. Please contact the Academic Support Center.


Housing & Food Services Information


Are the residence halls open?

Yes. All residence halls have been cleaned and prepared for student arrival. Training on public health measures and signs/symptoms of COVID-19 has been provided to all live-in professionals, including residence directors, residence assistants, security personnel, and others in similar roles. Residential students received specific instructions on cleaning, PPE, and other supplies to bring with them to campus.

Do residential students have roommates?

Students may choose from a variety of housing options. Both single and double occupancy rooms are available.

Are face masks and face coverings required in the residence halls?

Yes. Personal face coverings are required in all areas outside of a resident’s room.

Is temperature screening required when entering and exiting residence halls?

Yes. Temperature screening devices are stationed in each residence hall.

Is laundry available in the residence halls?

Yes. Students have access to free laundry machines in each residence hall.

What dining facilities are open?

All three dining facilities are open. The Dining Hall, Food Court, and Coffee Tavern offer take-away meal service and sit-down dining at adjusted seating capacity in accordance with state and local health official guidance. Seating will be arranged to provide six (6) or more feet of distance between diners. Maximum occupancy will be 50% of normal occupancy. Outdoor seating is also available.

What happens if a student living on campus gets sick?

Any students who are symptomatic of COVID-19 and awaiting test results will be required to quarantine while they await test results as will their roommate if applicable. They will receive telehealth monitoring, meal deliveries, and appropriate supplies.

Any students who are COVID-19 positive will be isolated, either in a dedicated isolation space that has private rooms and are physically separated from other residential rooms, in place, or at home, depending on the individual and campus circumstances at the time. They will receive telehealth monitoring, meal deliveries, and appropriate supplies.


Other Student Services & Activities


Will there be athletics?

The Mountain East Conference (MEC) has announced that all sports will compete during Spring 2021. Schedules can be found on the UC and MEC websites. UC will continue to follow NCAA and MEC guidelines with regard to athletics. The Athletics Department’s “Always Safety-First Taskforce” has developed plans and procedures for athletic training, practices, competitions, travel, and fan participation.

Can I attend athletic events?

Attendance at competitive athletic events will be determined by campus, city, county and state conditions and guidelines in conjunction with the Mountain East Conference. Please assume attendance is not permitted unless indicated otherwise. As many competitive events as possible will be broadcast for live virtual viewing.

Is Student Life offering events?

Yes. The Office of Student Life is coordinating activities that comply with physical distancing guidelines and ensure that appropriate face covering, respiratory and hand hygiene are used. Technology-based platforms will be used for larger scale experiences.

Is the Fitness Center open?


Are intramurals being offered?

Yes. Intramural sports activities will be managed to comply with physical distancing guidelines and athletics best practices. Supplies will be available so that equipment and surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected before each use, and that hand hygiene can be practiced before and after activities.

Are there clubs and organizations?


Are health care services available through UC?

Yes. The University is partnering with the Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) for COVID-19 testing, telemedicine, urgent care, emergency care, hospitalization, and other fee-based services. Please check with your insurance carrier when selecting health care services.

Are counseling services available?

Yes. Students can learn more about counseling services and make appointments by emailing Employees may access the Employee Assistance Program for counseling services provided through Process Strategies by calling 304-941-1599 or by contacting the University’s Human Resources Office.

Is the Essentials Pantry open?