University of Charleston

The Mission of the University of Charleston is to educate each student for a life of productive work, enlightened living and community involvement.


Here is how we define it:


Productive Work

“Productive” work isn’t defined by the acquisition of great material gain for the graduate, but by the positive impact of the work on the graduate’s community and world. UC prepares our students to contribute to society immediately and throughout their lives. Their work will vary tremendously, but we hope that each graduate will improve his or her world.

Enlightened Living

College graduates must own a broad range of knowledge to thrive in modern society. We prepare graduates to be scientifically, economically, politically, aesthetically and culturally literate with a sense of history and shared values, and a commitment to moral purpose and personal character.

Community Involvement

We want every student to develop a pattern of community involvement. The foundation of our society rests on community involvement, so we want our graduates to take leadership responsibility and initiative in shaping organizations, institutions and communities.

Values and Goals

The mission of the University of Charleston is an expression of shared values and goals.

These include:

  • Offering selected quality programs affording professional preparation in a liberal arts environment
  • Preparing students to live in an increasingly complex and changing society by helping them develop the knowledge, abilities and character needed to be lifelong learners
  • Utilizing and enriching the strong relationship between the University and the greater Charleston community to prepare students for a life rich in community involvement