• Preceptors

    Office of Experiential Education

    The Office of Experiential Education is located within the Department of Pharmacy Practice and is responsible for managing the Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs and APPEs) for students and preceptors. Our goal is to produce students who are APPE-Ready (prepared to enter advanced pharmacy practice experiences), Practice-Ready (prepared to provide high-quality patient care in a variety of healthcare settings), and Team-Ready (prepared to contribute as a member of an interprofessional collaborative patient care team).

    Experiential Education comprises approximately one-third of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy curriculum and is arguably the best opportunity for student pharmacists to learn and develop the “art” of pharmacy practice in real-world environments and situations that simply cannot be replicated in the traditional classroom setting. Approximately 395 individual preceptors who offer 650 different rotations (IPPE and APPE) in 325 practice sites currently support the UCSOP. 

    UCSOP volunteer and faculty preceptors serve as teachers, role models, and mentors for our students throughout the experiential component of the curriculum and provide invaluable opportunities that without their professional dedication and support would not otherwise be possible. Pharmacists also benefit from serving as preceptors, both personally and professionally. 

    The Office of Experiential Education consistently aims to identify new preceptors and practice sites to add to our strong network of partners who will positively contribute to the learning and professional growth of our students. We welcome pharmacists not already affiliated with the UCSOP to consider learning more about our program and completing our preceptor application.