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Faculty & Staff

Physician Assistant Faculty-Staff  

Jennifer Pack MMS, PA-C

Program Director
Office: 304-357-4790 

Lailah Rice, MS, PA-C

Director of Admissions - Assistant Professor
Office:  304-720-6690 

Sherri Young, DO

Medical Director
Office:  304-357-4888 

Bill Carter MD

Associate Medical Director
Office: 304-357-4968

Tina Chafin MSPA, PA-C

Director of Clinical Education
Office: 304-357-4834 

Sandra Stennett MS, MPAS, PA-C

Director of Didactic Education - Assistant Professor
Office: 304-357-4753 

Alison Poole, MSPA, BS, PA-C

Director of Clinical Education - Assistant Professor
Office: 304-357-4818 

Melissa Garrett MSPA, PA-C

Assistant Professor
Office: 304-357-4742 

Pam Carden MA

Admissions Coordinator
Office: 304-357-4968 

Lori Thornton

Administrative Assistant
Office: 304-357-4710 


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