• Requirements

    UC holds a list of freshman admission criteria based upon a combination of high school grade point average and ACT or SAT scores to ensure that our incoming students are ready for our engaging curriculum.

    General Freshman Admission Requirements

    A student applying for general freshman admission may submit an application any time after the completion of six semesters of high school. Admission requirements are:

    • Minimum 2.6 academic grade point average (on a 4-point scale); or GED or TASC score of 500 (50 if taken prior to 1/1/2003)
    • A record of active participation in school or community organizations or events throughout high school
    • A commitment to achieving a college degree

    What to submit

    • Completed Undergraduate Application for admission
    • $25.00 Application fee or application fee waiver;
    • Official secondary school records documenting completion of 15 units of academic courses with grades indicating intellectual ability and promise;
    • High school transcripts or official GED/TASC results with an average score of 50 (prior to January 1, 2003) and 500 or more on the new test (after January 1, 2003), if applicable;
    • Students may self-report their high school GPA to be conditionally admitted; however, transcripts must be received with the GPA noted prior to the student getting registered. All admissions standards will apply and failure to present truthful information will be grounds for revocation of the acceptance.
    • A campus visit, either in group format or as an individual, is strongly recommended;
    • A personal essay and resume are recommended but not required unless the student will be competing for scholarship awards. Student essays may be about their potential for leadership and/or the importance of community involvement;
    • A record of active participation in school or community organizations or events throughout high school is also recommended;
    • Applicants accepted by the University of Charleston must submit proof of high school graduation or GED/TASC to the University’s Office of Admissions prior to registering for a second semester via a final official transcript. Note: UC does not currently accept modified diplomas
    • Official AP score will be reviewed in July and credit granted (if applicable);
    • Official transcripts from an accredited university (if applicable);
    • Online applicants must submit a valid driver’s license or state issued photo identification.

    **Classes in English, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and foreign languages are considered by the University of Charleston to be academic courses. Applicants accepted by the University of Charleston must submit proof of graduation to the University's Office of Admissions before they will be allowed to enroll.

    Admission by Academic Contract for Freshmen Students

    Applicants whose scores fall below a 2.6 must submit an essay (at least one page in length, single spaced) containing the following information:

    • Explanation of low scores and/or significant discrepancies between GPAs and test score composites;
    • Description of applicant’s college readiness and preparedness;
    • Career goals; and
    • Other items the applicant and admissions counselor deem relevant to their application.

    An applicant can choose to submit this essay at the time of application. However, the Office of Admissions will formally request it after receipt of all required materials necessary for review.

    Throughout the application process, the Office of Admissions’ first preference is for students to improve their GPA (during their remaining high school courses). Increased test scores can also be used to demonstrate readiness for college level work.

    Additionally, the Office of Admissions may request an interview with the applicant. Neither the essay nor the interview guarantees admission.

    The Executive Vice-President & Chief Admissions and Marketing Officer will review applications that fall between a 2.25-2.59 GPA.  Applicants who maintain a GPA below a 2.25 will be reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee for admission to the University.

    Applicants who demonstrate the ability to be successful in a university environment may be offered admission into the Academic Success Academy.  As part of this program, students will participate in a curriculum specifically designed to develop foundational academic skills for success in college and will have an hour cap of 15 hours. This includes:

    • Meeting Academic Success Academy Advisors during SOAR/Orientation and periodically during the term to assess academic success and connect with resources;
    • Placement in Academic Success Academy courses (based on ACT/SAT sub-scores)
    • COMM 101 (Standalone)- Foundational College Writing
    • ASC 089- Academic Reading
    • ASC 091- Personal Academic Success

    Students in the Academic Success Academy must achieve a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and passing grades in all Academic Success Academy coursework to exit from the program. Students who cannot successfully complete the requirements/curriculum in three semesters may be considered for academic probation or dismissal.

    Students Seeking Re-Admission Requirements

    • Individuals who have previously attended Morris Harvey College or the University of Charleston as degree-seeking students, but who have not taken courses from the University for at least one academic year, may be considered for re-admission by the Executive Vice President and Chief Admissions and Marketing Officer.
    • The student must complete an Application for Admission available in the Office of Admissions or on the University’s website. The student’s standing within the Registrar, Financial Aid, Cashier, and Student Life offices must be assessed by each department’s designee. Based on their assessments, the Executive Vice President will make the final re-admission decision.
    • Applicants who have attended any college or university since leaving Morris Harvey College or the University of Charleston are considered readmit-transfer students and must follow both the transfer and readmit procedures.

    Military Student Admission Requirements

    • Completed online or paper Undergraduate Application for Admission;
    • Unofficial transcripts at time of admissions and then Official transcript from EACH university or college previously attended by the start of the second semester; Please submit directly to ucrecords@ucwv.edu or University of Charleston 2300 MacCorkle Ave SE Charleston, WV 25304 ATTN: Admissions
    • Official copy of Combo JST or other military training transcript;
    • If planning to use Tuition Assistance, Veterans Affairs benefits, or any other type of military funding, take steps to ensure all documentation has been submitted for those benefits. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact your Base Education Office or the Veterans Affairs Administration directly; UC is a GoArmyEd LOI school. GA students must simply request TA and register via the GA portal. Please contact taorva@ucwv.edu for guidance with setting up our GA benefits.
    • We are proud to offer resources on all chapters of Veterans & GI Benefits, as well as Tuition Assistance guides for each branch of the military; Please contact taorva@ucwv.edu for guidance with setting up your TA or GI Benefits.
    • Online applicants must submit a valid driver’s license or state issued photo identification; Please submit directly to ucrecords@ucwv.edu
    • Students who do not submit all required transcripts by the requested date will not be able to receive financial aid until all college transcripts are received.

    Home School Admission Requirements

    The University of Charleston makes every effort to accommodate the special circumstances of home school students during the admissions process. Minimum admission requirements include:

    • If you are under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization, you will need to submit evidence of the coursework completed and your level of performance;
    • In the absence of such a document, you will need a detailed portfolio comprised of the breadth of work you have completed to help us evaluate your level of preparation for college-level work (e.g. research project, resume, reading list, community service, athletic and/or artistic endeavors and study abroad);
    • If receiving WV financial aid such as WV PROMISE or WV Higher Ed Grant, the home-schooled student must also submit the GED/TASC to be in compliance with WV aid standards;
    • Official transcript from an accredited university or college (if applicable);
    • AP tests (if applicable);
    • ACT/SAT test scores (only for placement into courses);
    • Essay (recommended not required)

    Standardized Tests

    Results of the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) are required for certain classes of applicants and/or for certain degree programs, as described below in the “Admission Requirements.”

    Most individuals take the ACT or SAT on a national testing date. However, the University of Charleston is authorized to administer the ACT Residual Test to applicants who need test results to complete their application to the University of Charleston. Such results may be used only at the University of Charleston. ACT Residual Test results from another institution will not be recognized for admission to the University of Charleston.

    Special Admission Requirements

    Some programs, most notably Health Sciences and Education, have special and separate programmatic admission requirements. Applicants should consult program descriptions in this Catalog for a complete description of any special or additional requirements specific to the program or programs in which they are interested.

    The University of Charleston reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission when the admitted student’s behaviors do not meet the University’s expectations and requirements for students. See student handbook for conduct standards.

    The Office of Admissions reserves the right to deny general admission or request additional application materials for applicants whose scores fall below the stated minimums.