• Sport Business

    Bachelor of Science in Sport Business



    The Sport Business/Management industry is an exciting and expanding field for young professionals. Sport products, events and services equate to big business here in the United States and globally.

    The Bachelor of Science in Sport Business program is housed in the Department of Business.

    At the University of Charleston, the Sport Business program blends liberal learning, business, and sport administration courses in a curriculum designed to prepare graduates for positions in areas such as intercollegiate and interscholastic athletic programs, professional sport organizations, sport sponsorship and marketing agencies, facility management, recreation management and entrepreneurship development.

    Program Focus

    The University of Charleston’s Sport Business program focuses on two areas:

    1. Practical based instruction from academic professionals with experience in the sport industry. Experiential opportunities are offered to gain experience outside the classroom.
    2. Creating class assignments that prepare students for the work that is expected in the sport industry. In class work is focused on the application of knowledge gained.

    Mission Statement

    The University of Charleston Sport Business program strives to provide students with progressive learning opportunities that will enhance their communication, critical thinking, creativity and teamwork skills. In addition, students will be actively involved in experiential learning experiences that seek to challenge their acquired skills and work ethic. As a consequence going forward, they can contribute productively and ethically in their chosen communities.

    Student Testimonial

    The SPAD major at UC has evolved since my freshmen year. Every semester the program has found a way to improve. Our classes and projects involve current issues and examples, teaching us valuable real life lessons that we don't learn from a book. This is going to put us ahead of competitors within the industry when we graduate

    — Ryan Hathaway, Class of 2012