• Political Science

    Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science



    Polly SciThe University of Charleston believes students should not only be able to recognize the actors, institutions and theories of Political Science but also how they interact in the policy-making environment. The unique location of the University of Charleston allows Political Science majors to study government in action and to connect their academic studies to practical experience. Political Science is a challenging program designed to prepare our graduates for successful careers in the public or private sectors, as well as for law and other graduate studies.

    Unique Location

    Location: A prime setting for Political Science majors, UC is located directly across the Kanawha River from the West Virginia State Capitol and downtown Charleston: the population, economic, and political center of the state. Our location provides students with many opportunities for on-site learning.

    Personalized Programs

    • Pre-Law
    • Public Policy
    • Criminal Justice

    Student Testimonial

    Though the first year of law school can be overwhelming, I could not have been more prepared to begin my law school career. The UC Political Science program prepared me to, first, examine and think critically about the social and political underpinnings involved in policy-making, which has helped me understand what policy concerns judges consider in making decisions. Moreover, I am one of a handful of 1Ls that came into law school knowing how to analyze and brief a case. The skills I developed in the classroom, in addition to those developed through my internships with the state legislature, will be instrumental to my success as a law student and, eventually, as a practicing attorney.

    - Emily Rector, class of 2014


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