• Art

    Bachelor of Arts



    The University of Charleston’s Art program is located on the Charleston campus and offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio and Graphic Design. It offers talented students the opportunity to grow and mature as creative artists and thinkers in a supportive environment that prepares them for careers in the creative and visual arts. The program takes a holistic approach to the training and education of the visual artist. Being an artist requires great vision and creativity but the modern artist also needs practical business skills. Our program is unique because we offer both. The BA in Studio or Graphic Design is coupled with an Independent Business Minor. And for the motivated student we offer a unique 3-year fast tract BA with an Independent Business Minor. No other college offers this type of program. In addition to training the majors, the program also offers a majority of the creativity courses for the university.

    • UC Offers
      • First-semester program entrance
      • Students may receive up to 9 hours of credit based on the quality of their work. Advanced Placement (AP) credit may be given to students who have scores of at least three (3) on the appropriate College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Examinations.
      • 3-Year Fast Tract BA in Art with Independent Business minor. This is an innovative and attractive program for artistically talented students who are interested in a challenging art program. This tract prepares students for careers in the art profession by covering the artistic as well as the business side of being an artist. Contact Art Faculty for more information. 
      • All studio courses are limited to 15 or less.
      • Student-centered curriculum.
      • 24-hour access to studio classrooms.
      • A state-of-the-art digital art lab
      • Professional networking and contact with prominent artists through regular gallery tours.
      • Internships available at UC Communications Department and local galleries and museums.
      • Annual department sponsored trips to major museums and art galleries in New York, Washington D. C., Chicago, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh.