• Communication


    Why UC

    Students can complete the program in 3 years.

    Professional opportunities through practicum experiences, experiential learning, and internships.

    Students can personalize their education by adding electives that provide additional focus.

    Program prepares you for graduate school and professional work in a wide variety of jobs, including business, advertising, journalism, public relations, government, and more.

    About Communication

    The Communication program provides a comprehensive education in the study of human communication, as well as five main professional areas of the communication field. The program provides you with a strong foundation in communication studies while integrating the areas of public relations, graphic design, marketing, advertising and event management through both course work and experience outside the classroom.




    What You'll Learn

    The Communication curriculum provides the opportunity for you to use communication theory and principles, as well as current technologies, to design and/or evaluate oral, written or visual communication in a variety of professional settings. You will learn to use different communication methods and tools to design and/or evaluate an event or campaign in the field.

    Admission Requirements

    Students must gain general admission to the University of Charleston to be enrolled in the IC major.

    How Much Will it Cost Me?

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    Fact Sheet

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    Integrated Communication Students

    Curriculum & Course Catalog

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    Integrated Communication Internship


    • Job Opportunities

      Career Options with a degree in Communication.



      • Personnel Recruiter
      • Vice-president Human Resources
      • Trainer
      • Director of Training and Development
      • Admissions Counselor
      • Benefits Administrator
      • Sales Representative
      • Executive Manager
      • Public Information Officer
      • Industrial and Labor Relations
      • Negotiator
      • Customer Service Representative
      • Newsletter Editor
      • Human Resources Manager
      • Mediator
      • Buyer
      • Management

      Communication and Health Care

      • School Health Care Administrator
      • Medical Grants Writer
      • Hospital Director of Communication
      • Clinic Public Relations Director
      • Health Communication Analyst
      • Research Analyst
      • Medical Training Supervisor
      • Health Personnel Educator
      • Medical Center Publications Editor
      • Hospice Manager
      • Heath Care Counselor
      • Activities Director
      • Marketing Director

      Public Relations

      • Publicity Manager
      • Advertising Manager
      • Marketing Specialist
      • Lobbyist
      • Corporate Public Affairs
      • Specialist
      • Account Executive
      • Development Officer
      • Sales Manager
      • Media Analyst
      • Media Planner
      • Creative Director
      • News Writer
      • Public Opinion Researcher

      Communication Education

      • Language Arts Coordinator
      • High School Speech Forensics/Debate Coach
      • Drama Director
      • Speech Communication Department Chairperson
      • School Counselor
      • Education Researcher
      • Audiovisual Specialist
      • Educational Administrator
      • Director of College News
      • Educational Tester
      • Educational Fund-raiser
      • Alumni Officer

      Electronic Media/Radio

      • Community Relations Director
      • News Writer
      • Advertising Sales Coordinator
      • Market Researcher
      • News and Relations Manager
      • Producer
      • Business Manager


      • Media Planner
      • Media Buyer
      • Creative Director
      • Media Sales Representative
      • Public Researcher
      • Marketing Specialist
      • Advertising Specialist
      • Copy Writer
      • Account Executive Manager

      Journalism (Print or Electronic)

      • Editor
      • Copy Writer
      • Script Writer
      • News Service Researcher
      • Technical Writer
      • Acquisitions Editor
      • Media Interviewer


      • Public Information Office Writer
      • Legislative Assistant
      • Campaign Director
      • Research Specialist
      • Program Coordinator
      • Elected Official

      Social and Human Services

      • Public Administrator
      • Social Worker
      • Recreation Supervisor
      • Human Rights Office
      • Community Affairs Liaison


    Program Faculty

    Hannah R. Kennedy
    Hannah R. Kennedy

    Program Director, Communication/Assistant Professor of Humanities