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University of Charleston

Coach Osbourne says, “Thank you”, to all who gave during the 100/100 Banquet


As I drove to work Wednesday (December 9, 2020) the morning after our 8th annual 100/100 Club Tip Off Banquet, I was thinking about how much I enjoy the good fortune I have to represent the University of Charleston as the men’s basketball coach.  I specifically happened to think about how thankful I was to be a Golden Eagle.  I recalled past reading about the Golden Eagle and how it is considered to be of the very best raptorial birds in the world.  All of that to say this – the Golden Eagle flies high, rises above, soars above various peculiar situations.

It so reminded me of you!  As Golden Eagle supporters, in the middle of a pandemic, in difficult times, with every excuse in the book available, you rose up to a high level and found a way to help us do what needed to be done.  Your continued support obviously helped financially. But more importantly, our players were so encouraged and moved by your time, effort, and generosity.  As you rose up and they were able to see that, it provided a great moment for us prior to practice to talk about it.  For all of that, I say thank you!

Thank you for your financial support.  Thank you for the encouraging texts, emails, and feedback.  As I shared some of these with our team, I believe their motivation and resolve has been strengthened to represent our university and city well!  It was a great moment of pride for me to brag on and about you to our team and to be able to talk to them about what all of this means to and for us.

It is our desire to represent you well and to steward the time and resources you gave in the best possible way.  With great pride, we will continue to push forward in our chase of bringing championships to UC!

On behalf of our staff and team, we wish you and your families the happiest of holidays in this Christmas season!



Coach Osbourne