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Please note: International travel may be restricted due to COVID-19. UC will adhere to all health and safety guidelines to determine whether or not we can offer study abroad opportunities this year. 

UC students have the opportunity to take college classes in a different country and gain intercultural experience while completing University of Charleston degree requirements. Programs are available in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia and cater to a wide variety of majors. You can enjoy studying in another country – even if you don’t speak a foreign language.

To find out more, contact:

Lyndsay Lanham at 304-357-4745 or by email at

Classes/Experiences Sponsored by UC

Over the past several years, the University of Charleston has offered spring break and summer experiences in China, Brazil, France, Austria, Germany, and Hungary. You will be notified of upcoming opportunities by student email or on-campus announcements – or you can contact us directly to find out more.


KEI Abroad

UC partners with Knowledge Exchange Institute to offer study abroad locations in 20 destinations as well as a variety of majors around the world. KEI provides comprehensive programs that integrate courses, internships and cultural interaction. Students can complete major-specific and elective requirements, gain practical experience and enhance their understanding of the world through cultural and social immersion.

Visit the KEI website ( to find out more. If you have questions about specific programs, e-mail KEI to speak with an advisor at

Plan your budget and save or raise money accordingly. You’ll be able to see information about program costs and what’s included on the KEI website. Note: federal and state financial aid can be applied to study abroad, but unfortunately UC scholarships cannot be used towards study abroad. You are responsible for paying the application fee and the deposit directly to KEI.

Research study abroad scholarships, paying special attention to the Gilman Scholarship ( and the Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships (

Apply for a passport ( Check with your advisor at KEI to find out if you will need to obtain a visa.

Select a program with courses that will transfer back to UC. Be sure to consult your academic advisor at UC if you have questions about specific courses To make sure that credit from your KEI study abroad program transfers, meet with your academic advisor at UC to fill out the Transient Student Permit form. You can get this form from the Student Solutions Office. After you and your advisor have completed and signed this form, return it to the UC Registrar.

When you have been accepted to the program, KEI will send you an Admissions notice, Pre-departure Guide, a Medical Review Form, an Agreement and Release, a Transcript Request Form*, and an Invoice. Note: you will not pay KEI directly for the program. Your bill will still come from UC, but the charges will reflect only the KEI program costs and a UC study abroad administrative fee. *On the Transcript Request form, make sure you have your transcripts sent to the Office of the Registrar, 2300 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV 25304. Request that your transcripts be issued by the KEI University of Record or Co-Sponsor University.

Share the invoice with the Director of International Programs and the Financial Aid Office. The Director of International Programs will coordinate the adjustments made to your UC bill to reflect KEI program costs; not UC tuition and fees. The Financial Aid Office will adjust your Federal Financial Aid awards to reflect the difference in cost, if applicable.


This is a multi-departmental process that may seem like a lot of work, and it is. But the end-result is worth it – time spent abroad is one of the most incredible investments that you will ever make in your education and yourself as a whole, and UC is here to help you along the way.

Lindsay Lanham

Director of Student Activities and Events
Advisor to SAB