University of Charleston

University of Charleston

The University of Charleston has become an academic member of the Global Innovation Management Institute-International Association of Innovation Professionals (GIMI-IAOIP). GIMI-IAOIP is the world’s largest organization for innovation professionals. UC is one of just a few universities in the US that has a formal partnership with the organization.

“I think that our partnership with GIMI-IAOIP will help differentiate us from other schools in the region,” stated Travis Kahle, Director of the UC Innovation Center. “Most of our innovation staff members are already studying to become GIMI Certified Innovation Professionals, which is widely recognized as one of the world’s best innovation training programs. Our goal is for the University of Charleston to become the leading provider of innovation education in Appalachia, and our partnership with GIMI-IAOIP is an important step in reaching that goal.”

Founded in 2009 by an international group of leading innovation officers, executives, academics, and consultants, GIMI-IAOIP complies with the ISO 17024 standards and maintains its principal place of business in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Presently, GIMI-IAOIP is the largest certifying body on business innovation and innovation management, with a footprint in 29 countries across the globe and a mission to lead the innovation and innovation management profession globally.

The objective of the partnership is to enrich the university’s research, curriculum, and educational programs by providing UC’s students with access to tools and guidance to become truly successful business innovators and leaders. GIMI-IAOIP will provide UC students with unique opportunities to engage in experiential learning and enhance their knowledge of business innovation. The relationship between GIMI-IAOIP and UC will provide students with the ability to engage in a “learn-by-doing approach” and establish mentoring relationships with business and innovation experts.

The partnership includes five individual professional memberships and free access to the GIMI Think Tank webinars, as well as 50% discounts on certificates, courses, digital products, books, and webinars for 100 students annually and free access to the career center for 100 students annually with a 3-day head start for job postings compared to non-members.