University of Charleston

University of Charleston

The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy has named Dr. Michael Czupryn as its 2023 Preceptor of the Year.

The Preceptor of the Year Award is given to an outstanding external University of Charleston School of Pharmacy preceptor. Nominees are selected for consideration based on the following criteria:

Outstanding student mentoring in a P4 rotation
Demonstrated clinical knowledge and practice management skills
Encouragement of student participation in the respective rotation setting
Stimulate critical thinking and reasoning skills in the student
Informative to students
Strong communication skills
Respect for students
Strong cultural competency skills
Consistent community involvement
Good relationships with site staff or healthcare team
Commitment to professional behavior

Dr. Czupryn is an Internal Medicine Pharmacy Specialist at CAMC Memorial Hospital. He serves an instructional role for both pharmacy students and residents.

Other nominees for the award were:

D. John Schwartz
Dr. Katie Mcpherson
Dr. Rachel Savilla
Dr. Daniel Wells
Dr. Jennifer Chaffin
Dr. Kelci Hall