University of Charleston

University of Charleston

Dr. Jacob Tenney, assistant professor and director of our financial planning and financial literacy programs was recently featured on the website The website conducted a survey about Easter, and Dr. Tenney was featured in their “Ask the Experts” section to react to the results.

In the survey, 69% of Easter-celebrating Americans said they would spend less this year. Dr. Tenney likened the results to the uncertainty that many are feeling right now and offered some suggestions to help – create a spending plan.

“Most of us like to spend and if we plan how to spend, we are more likely to reach our life and financial goals. A spending plan allows individuals to take control of their finances. The key is to give the spending plan a chance.” He recommends maintaining your plan for several months to see results.

He also suggests that an emergency fund should be created, and individuals should get into the habit of paying themselves first.

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