University of Charleston

University of Charleston

With the headline “VR Gets Real,” the Charleston Gazette-Mail did a large feature article on our new VR Education Laboratory. It appeared in the Friday, December 2, 2022 edition.

Reporter Clint Thomas was escorted around the lab by Dawn Turner, Associate Professor of Biology, who explained how the lab will offer UC students opportunities to enhance their learning experience.

“Having a three-dimensional view of the human without have to get a cadaver or have special labs, this is a way, especially for undergrads, to really get the anatomy in three dimensions.”

The lab was developed through a partnership with Perspectus, Inc., a Colorado-based virtual and mixed reality technology firm.

Completed in August 2022, the UCWV lab is one of the most advanced VR Education Labs in the country, featuring 30 high-powered computers with high resolution headsets to access the Perspectus VR technology.

The lab will have a soft launch this fall and will be used in multiple programs by Spring 2023, including UC’s Biology, Radiologic Science, Nursing, and Physician Assistant programs.

The entire article, also featuring photos of the lab, can be found here: University of Charleston implements Virtual Reality Education Laboratory | Daily Mail Features |