University of Charleston

University of Charleston

2022 SOP White Coat


The UC School of Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony, an annual event where incoming first-year pharmacy students receive their first official pharmacy lab coats, showcased a new way for these future pharmacists to have a positive impact: the life-saving medication Naloxone was added to one of the white coat pockets. Pharmacy students were previously trained to properly administer Naloxone, a medication used to reverse an opioid overdose.

“West Virginia leads the country in the rate of overdose deaths; therefore, it is extremely important to get naloxone into the hands of individuals that may be able to save a life,” said Dr. Lindsay Acree, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department and certified Naloxone trainer. “This includes our students just beginning their pharmacy education.”

The white coat ceremony serves as a visual reminder of a pharmacy student’s dedication and commitment to the community. The coat is white to represent the desired purity and goodness of the pharmacy profession.

The cost of the incoming class coats was covered by the “More than a White Coat” donor event, which allows friends, family, and past graduates an opportunity to support the incoming class financially.