University of Charleston

University of Charleston

UC Named as one of its “2021 Best Colleges for Student Voting” 


Washington, D.C., September 15, 2021 – Thanks in part to its participation in the ALL IN Democracy Challenge, UC has been included in the Washington Monthly’s “2021 Best Colleges for Student Voting” Honor Roll. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a national program that helps schools develop registration and turnout plans.

The annual list honors the colleges doing the most to turn their students into citizens. To make the list, schools need to have shown a repeated commitment to increasing student voting and have been transparent about the results. This year’s list included 205 schools nationwide.

According to the publication, the increase in youth turnout is due to the work of student voting organizers, who mobilized young Americans to register and cast ballots despite the pandemic and restrictive voting laws. The publication also notes that “special credit goes to the many on-campus, student-led groups that worked to get their peers to the polls.”  For the first time since the US let 18-year-olds vote, more than half of all 18–24-year-olds cast ballots in 2020.

America’s Best Colleges for Student Voting | Washington Monthly