University of Charleston

Dr. Roth, two colleagues, win international award for case study on automation and innovation.


Charleston, WV – April 20, 2021 – The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Case Writing Competition is an annual opportunity that encourages innovative and impactful case writing and teaching.

The 2020 Competition has named University of Charleston President Martin Roth and two colleagues, Dominique Turpin and Douglas Quackenbos, the winners of the EFMD Global Award for Bringing Technology to Market, sponsored by ESMT Berlin. The three published the case study last year.

The study, “SAM 100: Will Construction Robotics Disrupt the US Bricklaying Industry?” focused on automation and innovation.

Dominique Turpin is with the International Institute for Management Development. Douglas Quackenbos is with the University of South Carolina.

The winners commented: “Robotic technology diffusion represents new and complex challenges for marketers, especially in traditional and conservative industries such as construction, agriculture, and healthcare. It is a rewarding endeavor to inspire students to contemplate how to overcome the underlying barriers to robotic technology diffusion while balancing legitimate concerns related to the greatest good for society with the deserved benefit expectations of the entrepreneurial companies brave enough to take on such initiatives. We’re honored to be recognized for this team effort.”

EFMD is a global, non-profit, membership-driven organization dedicated to management development. It is recognized globally as an accreditation body or business schools, business school programs and corporate universities. The organization is based in Brussels, Belgium with offices in Geneva, Hong Kong, Miami and Prague.

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